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Respected by their tribes for their impressive powers, stormcallers call on the spirits of the sky and the mountains to bring down destruction upon their enemies.

Probably the most time consuming of my edits, I've been through several iterations on this. Not entirely happy with the animation set still, but it is useable. First time trying my hand at animated textures, quite happy with the result.


Update: Tweaked the animated texture.
Update 2: Changed Death Sound.
Update 3: Removed unused event objects, fixed footprints
Update 4: Beefed up her arms and gave her a chubbier face.
Update 5: Added TC plane to Portrait

Stormcaller (Model)

Stormcaller Portrait (Model)

General Frank
Please add a team colour plane to the portrait model.
Level 17
May 6, 2007
I'd work a bit more on the round shielfd pieces, the texture is quite weird and badly wraped on the pieces. Doesnt help they are quite small, making it looks odd.

Also maybe change a bit the villager face, add a tattoo or something perhaps? Or some bone stuffs on her hair like the skyrin forsworn have to add detail and match more the rest of the model feel.
Level 47
Apr 18, 2008
Really strange proportions. I think you should mess with her head and face to add some blubber to it, because she seems like a curvaceous, larger woman but with the head\face of a thin villager woman who didn't have enough plagued grain to eat. Her arms are also tiny compared to her legs (thighs mostly). It just comes off looking strange.
Level 4
Aug 8, 2018
I love those attachments and i like the fact that shes not skinny as evry other model , im not digging the shiled but its okay

I would make the haed a bit wider, cus it looks like she has too wide shoulders that is tipicly a male body shape (2 heads on womans shoulders , 3 heads on mans shoulders) , but its okay if you like it as it is :D

Over all it looks good it can be useful for a map with more diversity it can be used as a bandit or a mercenry that looks cool 7.5\10