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random stats for items

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Level 5
Jan 13, 2008
Hello! I wish to make a map where items can have random stats like: example: Stormcall Belt (My Item) to give random number stats from 1 to all stats to 20 to all stats (for every 1 to all stats to be different skill like +1to all stats is an items skill, +2 to all stats to be another item skill, +3 to all stats to be another item skill etc...), another skill to give damage like random between 1 - 50 same as first one. As i know 1 item can have maximum 4 skills. So I want my item to have random item skills like i said... Is this possible?? Final item to be like this: Stormcall with: 15 to all stats, 20 damage, 1500 hp, 1200 mana. But the same item ,,Stormcall,, can have by triggers: 20 to all stats, 13 damage, 1800 hp, 500 mana...
Level 25
Jul 10, 2006
It's possible, but it isn't possible to have the item's tooltip show these values.

As for the values themselves, you need a system to link each item type to a set of abilities using either an array or a hashtable. Add those abilities and set their levels when the item is acquired, and remove them again when the item is lost.

You'll need another array/hashtable to keep track of each individual item's stats.
Level 12
Jan 6, 2015
Uh... U can use this trigger :-

  • Events :-
  • A unit uses an item
  • Conditions :-
  • Item being used equal to *your item*
  • Actions -
  • If all conditions are true then do then actions else do else actions
  • -If Conditions
    • random real number between 1.00 and 100.00 less than or equal to 25
  • -Then actions :-
    • *ur actions here*

this will give you 25% chances of doing something.
And about the random stats you should contact a active spell maker they know a lot about these stuff.
Level 19
Aug 8, 2007
If you want a system that displays the tooltips like this
than it's beyond the scope of your ability.

Otherwise, you can use hashtables along with this
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