Level 12
Mar 19, 2010
Hi hivers,

today i have bad news... we stopped working on FBF for an indefinite time (maybe forever!). My real life and my goals for the future became more and more importance for me.

In my signature you can find a lot of links to our project. It's open source and i'm sure you can learn a lot. It's 100% jass/vJass!!!

I wish Ralle and hive and all of you all the best. Hive was a really great time for me. I'll never forget it.
I joined 03/2010 and i'll leave it 06/2016. -- Thx to all who helped on FBF.

Bye Bye
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
Farewell pred. Though I've only played this map three times, I'll miss this project and your work around. I really liked your passion in promoting the map and how unique the map was itself. Enjoy moving on bud! :D

What would you prefer for this forum; move to completed projects or archived projects? Either option still allows for a comeback if that happens in the future.