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FBF review (by demon_slayer20)

Discussion in 'Forsaken Bastion's Fall' started by [E]clipse, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. [E]clipse


    Jan 6, 2015
    NOTE :

    Some views of me and other players / map reviewers may differ, In that case please inform me.

    Review on FBF

    Map Name :Forsaken Bastion's Fall
    Creator : The FBF Team
    Project leader : Pred1980
    Reviewed : Yes

    TERRAIN 4/5
    The terrain was done pretty amazing. The creepy look og the environment gave a more realistic feel to the game. Keep it up !
    At some very few places however the doodads could have been improved in my point of view, But a good use of in-game textures
    has been done which is quite satisfying from the aspects of the player.try using some omnilights and lamps and dark scaled
    and cave doodads. You will find them at wcunderground

    Gameplay 3.5/5
    The gameplay was good along with it's genre, but it lacks an AI so a player can only play in LAN or online games.
    AI support will let the players do some bot practice before mashing with human players. the tower defence and push + kill
    style of the game was most satisfying. Towers are unique and add a lot to the game. Hero skills are unique and nicely
    done adds a lot to game.

    The skillset of some heroes however do not cooperate with others. Like a hero killer or ganker doesn't need any support skill
    that grants hp regen in an AoE (just an example). The pandaren heroes skillset is an example of this. A heroes skillset should
    be such that the player can use its spells in a certain code while playing. As of now its random mashed up ideas but still
    useful. Some heroes however have a nice skillset specially the revenant and the tauren one as their spells have code
    that is similar (1,3,4 and 2 while final blow). Keep that up !

    The hero picking system could have been better as once while playing with a freind I wanted to pick the revenant but I got
    the panda (Pan Chou)

    Other / misc. features 3.25/5
    The intro system for a player who is playing it the first time is a quite good one and tells new players some
    basic stuff about the game. Good job on that one. The hero pick system could have been better as said earlier.
    But as of now quite satisfying and balanced stuff it has, especially the creep spawn and hero pick timers that caught
    my eye ! Nows whats absent is a system that should make creeps stronger instead of just increasing the no. and a some else stuff like neutrals and their respawn systems etc. You already know a lot on this topic I hope you get my point...

    Uniqueness 5/5
    Now about the uniqueness of FBF is that it features a detailed terrain and is also fun to play for newwer players, The
    game theme was TD + Arena that was just awesome ! Theres a lot of custom stuff about this map from which I had a lot to
    learn.... :D

    Overall 3.75/5
    FBF has a lot of uniqueness and potential in it and must be kept going and improving

    BUGS !!

    Some bugs in the map :

    General Bugs list :

    1. At the beginning of the game the text shown is "FBF team proudly present" but it should be "Present
    2. The hero pick system needs improvement as if the peasant passes through a circle to pick another hero it gets the other one instead.
    3. before the game begins the "Fade out" action should be used at initialization because the game's terrain is revealed before the intro text !


    1. The panda heroes first skill when used has a tendency to stop at some times between the slashes because of blockers or trigger errors maybe.

    some personal tips :

    1. When the hero pick begins and a peasant landson the circle of a hero give him an ability saying "Pick" or show a dialog "Pick the *Hero name* ?"
    2. The peasant picker model should be replaced with some dark undead unit (wisp will also work) and the name should be "Hero Soul"
    3. An AI could make my day and the gameplay will be better for offline players.

    REVIEWER : Demon Slayer 20


    If you have any doubts, complains, problems etc. then please contact me.... :D

    Demon Slayer 20