Star Wars dog-fighting map

Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
I made a Star Wars map wherein you fly ships and dog fight while blowing up ground units, supply ships, and so forth (it's in my signature). It was a lot of fun and received some very positive reviews.

I've been thinking about taking the map and turning it into something more like the old Xwing and TIE fighter games. I was thinking it would still be a versus map: two teams fight each other, but the fight would take place over a series of different missions. Each team would take turns picking the next mission, and the results would unlock new ships, upgrade ships, improve missiles, increase piloting skill, and so forth.

The missions would vary as well, such as: Imperials attack a rebel mining base (I'd use triggers to create a base and maybe change the terrain as well), protect a shuttle as it flies a diplomatic mission, identify the stolen freighter (must fly close to it) and disable it with ion cannons, etc. Coming up with missions is the fun part of map making.

PROBLEM: Here's the big problem I have. Because it takes place in space, there is no ground game at all. I'm worried dog-fighting in space (usually against AI) will just be plain boring. The dog-fighting in my BfT (see signature again) was kind of fun, but you could lose enemies by flying behind mountains, or returning to your base, or flying them near ground troops who could shoot up at them. All of that will be gone if it's a pure space mission. I'm worried the game will just turn into a "turn fast enough to get behind the guy who is trying to turn fast enough to get behind you" dogfight that never ends. It just doesn't seem that fun.

What I need:

1. For those who have played BfT, do you think the dogfighting alone would be interesting? There will be bombers to protect, and supply ships to shoot down, and enemies to ionize, and so forth depending on the mission. But mostly it will be flying around trying to blow up ships.

2. For everyone, I'd hate it if the whole map were just boring space, so I've been thinking of extra terrain-like objects I can put in: asteroids, gas clouds that may increase or decrease laser power, space debris, and maybe black holes. But what else could I put in space so the game didn't look boring?

Thanks everyone,

Level 14
Sep 17, 2009
I think what you need to make the game more intense, is events:
You have the main goal, to destroy your opponent, but meanwhile random events can appear Like meteor blizzard, dimensional storm, or a hostile alien drone attack. (I take these ideas from Metastasis, what is a really amusing scifi game imo)
Its important that the events come randomly, you cant expect them, and if you dont act to stop ex: the drones, they will destroy everything -eventually you- and tho you fail the mission.

You can create secret places; items that boost your ship's abilities, and planets with unique aura, so each place you choose to fight is different. One aura could double damage, or speed, another could hide you, or disable your primary weapon.

I think since it's space, you could play with gravity a little. Blackholes, gravity beams that push you away, or pull you near. Be sure, that these abilities wouldnt spoil control, and leave the game enjoyable.

I hope i could help you :)