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  • Hello, how have you being?
    Long time no see :D
    I'm being good, recently reinstalled Warcraft and started playing :3 Finished uni, and have a full time job now.
    What about you? Have you upped your modelling game? :D
    (Post) Don't get it. You worked on it and you make a comment like you played something made by someone else?
    How about you? Did you finish your studies? I reckon you meant great help when it came to me choosing my Uni - and i don't regret my decision, so thanks for that :D
    Yes, I did. I graduate from Mechatronical Engineering with honors (93.2/100 career average). I very glad that you are happy with your university. Hey let talk some day.

    PS: I am working back at my country as academic director of a career at a good university. Thought job, but vastly interesting.
    Hello Old friend, how have you been??

    PS: want to take a look on the Tech Tree Contest #10 Discussion?
    It would be nice if we can make a come back after TechTreeC#6.
    Thanks, you too.

    I really feel like I've missed the 'golden age' of Hive, which to me was ~2010. Tools were ready, and activity peaked there. Problem is, I was too young. Haha
    I wanted to do more terrains but I just lost motivation for everything, including modeling. :<
    Too late. Haha... I won't be doing stuff around here anymore, so sorry. How has the group been?
    Reputation (+10):
    (Post) Congratulations on winning 3rd place in 2015's Christmas Terraining Contest in Kaelicious!
    Yeah, I'm starting to think that I'm ruining the discussion about the RP xD
    I don't really like being the leader for anything but I guess it can't be helped.

    I'll create it. Don't wanna bother you by updating the front page every time the project progresses.
    I need help though! I'm not good at starting threads T_T
    Please improve the Introduction, saying that we are making a Visual Novel in WCIII.
    And the Activities section, I think it should include more texts... like maybe, what you did in the Contest thread?
    I'll make more screenshots :eek:
    Yeah, I was thinking about joining the terraining again. If I don't get too lazy. Haha. :D

    Here it is;
    I was thinking about a heart with blood pierced by an arrow and several hearts in the bg.
    Hey, kari, since I kinda... well, totally failed Amar last time by accidentally forgetting about the Christmas banner for Kaelicious or something, I was hoping I could make the one for Valentine?
    nah, I don't plan to revive them. They will just live inside of the swords, and maybe from time to time use their full powers to do stuff.
    And don't worry about magic. All magic powers come from the swords. The aura's only increase defense, offense and give some extra propeties (fire makes his attacks burn targets, light makes his attack flash on targets). He only was able to unlock all the powers of the light sword once when he tried to save Vicent. But he can't do that without the aprovation of the spirit that lives inside the sword, or Leila if you prefer it so.
    Umm, he is not. In my last, last, last post which I just wrote... He is in the lake of broken hearths which IS part of the valentine's valley... I think?
    I wanna join with dante. He should be 31 years in this new time, and has become a master of the sword, full of wisdom and awaiting the day a young hero comes to claim his knowledges. He still watches over Vicent hoping the curse of sleep will end soon.
    I'll upload a quick one to the group album :)

    Oh, and I have tried transfer the group to you - but it appears you are not allowed to maintain a group before an admin have given you permission somehow.
    I haven't been around lately, so I'm not sure how much of a help I can be. I saw his picture, and while it can work out, it kinda goes against a few things in lore.
    According to his picture, there is now a lot of elven villages with humans in them in the Valley - it kind of makes sense, but his idea needs to be mixed with the main plot somehow :)

    Man I wish I was like you.. always doing things in good time before it needs to be stressed over :b
    And yeah, totally agree - we're still young, but I'm entirely sure the more we're gonna push ourselves with hobby projects and other things the less regret we're gonna have later on in our lives - go for it man ^^
    BTW, what hobby projects? :)
    Wow, that makes me even happier I left school. How can they live with themselves, making exams so close up to Christmas? o_O

    Yeah, my personal method of attracting them is through long conversations - only few of them were actually successful tho. Once you get them intrigued in the universe, there is a 50/50 chance - that is when people start asking questions about the lore of the universe and stuff - I have experienced the importance of handing out a lot of information in very little text. People are not that fond of details, really.
    In my conversation with Sky Green, you can find a complete summary (back then) of all the past events in the group, which might always be nice to have. I think we started communicate through PMs after this, where he learned of the actual details, which in the end brought him into the RP :)
    I was wondering if you wanted to replace me, when I leave the spot as maintainer, with the beginning of 2015? :)
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