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One more tiered model for pack. Special thanks for Hayate for animating horses.


Stables (Model)

10:47, 18th Apr 2016 The_Silent: Looks good and performs well ingame.
Level 10
Apr 9, 2013
I must say this isn't one of your best models, I don't know how you could improve it but there simply feels like it's lacking something.
On a side note it also not that useful due to it lacking a "work" animation and also in the Second stand is that supposed to be a mini water tower? In a model with no "units" it could have worked but you have horses that kinda pin point the size so that makes your Water Tower seem miniscule.
I'm sure you could improve this.
Level 10
Mar 31, 2016
I agree^. Could also say the same with the archery range...

Some buildings are too far apart, also not much in upgrade size and lots of empty space.

To improve, I would add a second tier onto the building and make it bigger to fill up the empty corners. Also remove the water tower, it kinda random and doesn't fit in the stables setting- its not a farm.

Not saying it's a bad model, just needs more... The hay and water feed areas are a nice touch, would also like to see those expand with upgrades.