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Splitter TD v3.20b


Splitter TD is a team tower defense. You have 2 teams of 4 man. Each round one creep is spawned for each team. If the creep is killed it's split into two creeps. At the end of the round the team with most leaks steals lives from the other team equal to the difference in splitted creeps.

Recommended players: 8
This map can not be played solo.

Original version by SilverSoultaker (Original map)
Edited by DarkWatcher

Splitter TD development page

Mad Scientist
Ingame Description: The mad scientist is a master of deseases and poisons. His towers causes lots of negative effects to their targets.

A good race against single targets. Also has the best Ultimate tower.

Was made by SilverSoultaker.
Elf Scientist
Ingame Description: Elven towers have all different kinds of attacks. Some have a long range and huge splash with a slow attack speed, while others have a tiny range and no splash with an insane fast attack rate.

The common run-of-the-mill race: can build a cheap maze tower, a splash tower, a bounce tower, a frost tower and an even stronger splash tower.
A very versatile race, easy to use but difficult to excel with it.

Was made by SilverSoultaker.
Ingame Description: The phisicist's towers lacks splash early game, but he can build the strongest endgame towers.

A physics themed race. Most towers have special abilities. Not very strong against single targets.

Made by DarkWatcher.
Ingame Description: Ethereal towers can't attack: they summon ethereal creatures that attack. The weak point of this race is that it only has magic attacks and that it has no splash. Very weak early game.

Quite hard to use the first time. It is also quite worthless the first rounds but it has the most cost effective towers to pair up with this. Very good race in long games.

Made by DarkWatcher.
Ingame Description: The Dwarf Engineer brings dwarven techology on the battlefield.

Smart, ingenious, childish and bad mannered: dwarves. They throw their own excrements at their enemies and are as happy as a child whent hey kill something. But they excel in technology compared to other races in their time. (I think i will change description into this one, next version)

The main negative point of this race is that the expensive towers needs a siege workshop to be build.

Made by DarkWatcher

-SilverSoultaker for making a bad map based on a good idea
-Child Of Bodom (Hidden resource tutorial + good help on forum)
-PurplePoot (For not approving the map, increasing my determination to improve the map (see changelog v3.19 beta))
-Reaper2008, Cokemonkey11, ap0calypse, Dr Super Good, cedi (help on forum)
-Element Of Water (much help on forum)
-Saia Djin, Cheezeman (Reviewing my vJASS spell)
-TheWye, Zerzax (help on wc3c forum)

Splitter TD v3.20
-Fixed a bug with dummy deads increasing red's kill count

Splitter TD v3.20
-Texttags are now created with natives instead of BJ's
-SpellEvent for abilities (made by Anitarf)
-Optimised some gui triggers
-Rewritted Creep Launch
-Rewrote static charge into a vJASS trigger (it was normal JASS)

-Static charger attack cooldown is now the same as ability cooldown
-Creep launch properly lands launched units now

-30 levels
-Changed some levels health
-Removed far camera ability
-Players receive more end round gold when there are not much leaks
-Level information text
--next command to get info of next level
-First level starts after 1.20 minutes instead of after 1 minute
-20 seconds between levels instead of 15 seconds
-Decreased build time of ultimate towers by 2-4 seconds
-Hex on you when you block creep path
-Splash remaked: the damage of splash will be the same for all towers. There will be 3 different sizes of splash an all towers with splash will have an icon showing how big their splash is.
-Bounce on void walker.
-Scourge basher splash reduced, damaged increased.
-New physicist tower: Centrifuge: spins a unit around itself for 3 second, the unit takes 300 damage a end. 5 sec cooldown. Costs 170 gold.
-Ether dragon has medium splash.
-Remove end round bounty at end of round
-Increased normal end round bounty
-New upgrade for Scourge Basher: Slug-Man
-Plague Caster (scourge basher
upgrade) name changed into Slug-Women. Has no splash but higher damage.
-Napalm launcher changed into Nuclear Missile Launcher
-Radiation Emitter name changed into Uranium Gun
-Improved Radiation Emitter changed into Plutonium Gun
-Units teleport to lane end when there are 50 leaks
-Creep launcher and bloodstrike are now magic damage instead of pure, and are reduced by spell resistance.
-Special levels:
*Triple split (50% more lifes, triple split)
*Increasing armor after split (+1 armor per split)
*Endurance (50% more hp, 350 ms)
*Anti-splash (units stay invulnerable for 1 second after splitting)
*Spell resistant (50% less damage from spells)
*Regeneration (lvl^2 hp regen)
*Anti-Maze (1,5 seconds no collision after splitting)

Splitter TD v3.19e
-Forgot to double save :s

Splitter TD v3.19d
-Fixed players being able to go into Reds region in Seperated mode.
-Banish now slows 75% (50% old) and lasts 3 sec (6 sec old). Cooldown increased 3 → 4.
-Proto tank is 20 gold cheaper.
-Energy Tower dps lowered: 17 → 14
-Sewn Limbs base damage reduced: 7 → 6
-Blighted bow base damage increased: 62 → 67
-Scourge Basher dps increased: 130 → 150
-Plague Caster dps increased: 450 → 520
-Cenarius’ cooldown increased: 0.90 → 1.00
-All ethereal units damage is increased except Cenarius.
-Bash (Mountain King (Injected With Steroids)) stun chance reduced: 30% → 15%
-Bash (Mountain King (Injected With Steroids)) stun damage increased: 100 → 300
-Magic damage deals lower damage to heavy armor: 200% → 170%
-Magic damage deals increased damage to fortified armor: 35% → 45%
-Pierce damage deals lower damage to unarmed armor: 150% → 130%
-Removed some doodads that were near invisible.
-Uses TimerUtils red instead of blue.
-Changed lifes that can be choosed in dialog to 50,75(Default),100 and 200
-There is now an All Random mode.
-Creep Launch suck range increased: 300 → 400
-All towers now have there range, cooldown and abilities in their tooltip.
-Ancient Banisher now has Chain Banish instead of normal banish with low cooldown.
-Begin/end round sounds now working again, although they may leak now
-Fireworks working again, fireworks are now only above team that had 50 leaks.
-Remade terrain again

Splitter TD v3,19b

Splitter TD v3.19 beta

-Energy tower's dps reduced from 20 to 17
-Upgraded Stone Thrower splash reduced: (250,500,750) → (150,300,450) and increased damage: 79 → 130
-Slowing Tower damage increased: 70 → 90
-Upgraded Slowing Tower damage increased: 100 → 150
-Upgraded Lightning tower AS increased: 0,90 → 0,80
-Blighted bow base damage increased 55 → 62
-Hardened infection base damage increased: 12 → 15
-Siege Tank damage increased: 400 → 500
-Airbase flying machine 100 → 150 damage
-Airbase aoe increased by 25: 550 → 575
-Halved end round bounty from kills
-Creeps have 1 armor in Normal Mode
-Vile Concauction armor reduction lowered from 8 to 6.
-Reduced chance of ether blast on Soul Of Cenarius from 10% to 8%
-Bounty now also increases on level 12 and 18 (each 6th level)
-Ether Strike (Ethereal Tauren) slow no longer stacks with other tauren.
-Ether Strike now slows 25% more: 10% → 35%
-Static Charge now deals double damage on the charged unit

-Hotkeys for all towers
-Added 2 levels (20 levels total now)
-Rewrote static charge: damage ability is now fan of knives instead of forked lightning.
-Removed some leaks
-Rewrote excitement (bombard tower): less leaks, better (and more) special effects, 3 instead of 4 crashing machines, 300 dmg/machine instead of 200 and circular instead of rectangular crashing area.
-The name of a leaver is changed to LEFT.
-Added command -clear to clear screen of messages.
-Ultimate Towers (Use 1 wood, each player begins with 1 wood)
Mad Scientist: Mad Wizard: Duplicate: make instant copy of target unit, you get bounty for a copy.
Physicist: Magnetar: Pulsar upgrade with more damage, slow aura and buff (2 mana) that doubles attack speed. Gains 1 mana when a unit in 800 range dies.
Elf: Bloodstone: Bloodstrike: Deals damage equal to level*300*times target has been split. Deals 300 damage to unsplitted targets.
Dwarf: Creep Launch: Sucks creep and launch it to random enemy dealing 50% of launched creeps health as splash damage. If there is no enemy in 1000 range of the target, the target is fired to his original position.
Ethereal: Ancient Banisher: Banish with 0,5 cooldown.

-Added Floating bounty text colored with killing player's color
-Some builders have smaller scaling value.
-New Terrain
-Minimap image

Splitter TD v2.00 - > v3.18b
- over 50 bugs fixed (map was close to unplayable)
- 3 new builders
- Changed terrain a bit
- Added multiboard (instead of leaderboard)
- Made Mad Scientist able to maze.

TD, splitter

Splitter TD v3.20b (Map)

ap0calypse: Changes made, approved ;) 20:21, 19th Jul 2009 PurplePoot: The terrain is terrible, the towers are boring, and the concept isn't as different as you make it sound (although it is a nice twist). It would be nice to see the towers do...




ap0calypse: Changes made, approved ;)

20:21, 19th Jul 2009
PurplePoot: The terrain is terrible, the towers are boring, and the concept isn't as different as you make it sound (although it is a nice twist). It would be nice to see the towers do something unique rather than just having more damage/splash like every other TD in existence. It also had a major snowballing problem--you rewarded teams for doing better, allowing them to do better still.

This is really just another run-of-the-mill TD with nothing really running for it other than a semi-original creep idea.
Level 7
Mar 8, 2009
OK, i will add hotkeys but u know u can use shift too to built more of the same tower?
I'm currently trying to improve my spell making skills so i don't have time for new races. Creating an original race takes a lot of time.

Level 9
Aug 21, 2008
Very nice idea especially the cap of 50 units.

is also awful for a td.Sorry.
could't test that much but was pretty good. If you cant play tds u still loose while a good planned maze make it.
very nice towers,but there arent very much.The tauren race was nice.

would make 2.8 but i give you+1 for the splitt idea.
so 3,8=4
hope you keep working on it its pretty much fun
Level 7
Mar 8, 2009
A new version with the doodads removed, none look at them and they lower fps for nothing.
Now going to improve description of map and also try to fix the creep launch animation bug (creeps float above ground after landing on other unit)
Level 1
Aug 3, 2009
The map picture looks... horrible... ^^'

Try using Photoshop instead of Paint.

Now,now -manstie-, let's not be mean...ok, yes : the picture is horrible and I'd replace it with a rabbit humping a turtle, but that's just me.

As for the TD...sorry -Vulcano- , but we've seen it all before. Even if the "splitter" idea is yours, do something more than that, screw around with the concept of a TD and let your imagination flow!
I for one would die happy if some one would create a TD that had Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mama Luigi, Hotel Mario, The King of Hyrule , Link, Zelda, Gwonam, Ganon and Morshu as towers! To hear the sounds effects of the towers when attacking - Robotnik Tower : "Pingas , Piness, Prrrrromotion!" ; Gwonam Tower : "Your majesty! Squadalla!" ; Morshu Tower : "MMM! MMM! MMM! BOMBS!"...I'd have tears of joy playing such a TD...
On a side-note : I know most of you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, but for those few map-makers that do, please support me...I want this TD to be born out the ashes of "DINNER!" - The King : "This TD is what all true warriors strive for!"

*And thus, ends my retarded-ranting-rampage*

- Rating 2.5/5
- Vote Neutral
Level 2
May 31, 2008
i found a very BIG bug it all happened like that- my enemy builded centrifuge towers and the enemys goed of the map in to the black place of the map (cuz of the centrifuges tower skill ) at first it was hilarious but then wee loosed cuz enemy maked 50 leaks .i dint know how the f you gonna fix it but atleast you will know the bug .Sorry for awful english , and what y cant describe my words good ;3
Level 9
Jan 7, 2010
Yeah, who would pay for photoshop? Screw it and use Gimp. Oh and don't save in JPEG or something... Save it in PNG format.
Level 1
Apr 20, 2012
hey. so i played the new map for the first time last night and i think there was a bug whilst we were all playing on garena.

red's kills got to 2000 and the counter just kept going up for every hit/attack/kill every one did. luckily, it didnt affect the lives stolen and given. however, at the end of the game tho, with 99 lives for team 1 and 1 life for team 2... team 2 won the round and i was expecting team 1's lives to go down and theirs to go up but instead, the game just froze. and i had to do alt+f4 just to quit.

on another note. idk if its just me but as the game progresses, excitement nears 0 and i find myself wanting to quit the game without even finishing it... sorreh. maybe it could use a tad bit more of a challenge? or idk, something to keep the players alive and still wanting to play even after the game has ended.

i love your idea tho. since in this td, the goal is the opposite of past tds. more leaks = winning.

keep up teh good work and hopefully, improve the map moar? hehe.