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[Spells] Some GUI things

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Level 26
Nov 19, 2007
I'm currently making a little one-lane mini AoS. Sadly, my coding expertise is somewhat ... lacking. I need some assistance with the following abilities

Fire Darts:

Hurls a flurry of 6/7/8 darts at an enemy unit. Each dart has a 50% chance to hit, dealing X damage and stunning for 0.2 seconds.

Endless Chain:
Releases a volatile chain of lightning upon a nearby foe, that bounces to close targets as well, for 99 bounces. The inital bounce deals 1 damage, but the chain gains 25% damage for each bounce.
This spell MUST bounce back onto previous targets also! (The part that I couldn't get to work :( Moon Glaives bounces back, but only for 9 bounces, and Chain Lightning bounces 99 times, but doesn't go for previous targets.)

I'll take JASS or GUI, but they must be leakless and MUI. Preferably by one of the more well known coders, because I am an elitist prick. And converting to custom text doesn't count :)

Rep and cookies will be gifted
Level 10
Apr 13, 2005
That fire dart ability is eazy. Just make some dummys give them models of darts. Then set their path to a random spot in targeted area. Then make a variable having a random number from 1 to 2. IF variable = 1 then cause damage to one unit in area and set the path of one dummy to the unit. tada a quick spell in 5 secs lol. I could make it for you if u still got questions
Level 28
Mar 25, 2008
Hmm.. guess I do your first request ;)

Well the base is finished - eyecandy is next, I'll be back



A single-target-spell


Conjures multiple burning arrows around the caster.
Each arrow has a 50% chance to hit the targeted unit and stun it for 0.2s
Damage: Int * 1
Range: 800
Type: Active
Cooldown: 8s
*Spell is mui/gui
2oo9 by Squiggy


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