[SpellPack]- Elemental SpellPack v1.07b

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Screenshot does not show all the spells. Please test the map itself to look the spells :)

Summons an Orb of Water which absorbs water from the surroundings. If the Orb is in water, it gathers water more quickly. When the orb timer is up or when an enemy touches the Orb, the magical energies holding the water will be removed, causing waves of water to come from the Orb.
Contest Spell!

Summons a Water Wave that deals damage to units in a line. The wave gains damage and AoE if in water and lose damage and AoE on land.

Starts firing several jets of water at the target point which damages the first unit it hits, dealing damage and slightly knocking back.

Summons a whirl pool which sucks enemy units towards it and deal damage to them per second.
Nice Eye-Candy!

Summons a liquid elemental. The liquid elemental cannot attack but will leave a trail of water as it moves in a spiral.. The trail will slow units near it. When the elemtal dies, the trail will disappear. The elemental and the trail will cause damage when they disappear.

The hero throws a mystical dust at the target area. The dust regrows all trees in the area and gives a chance to summon a Tree Spirit out of a regrown tree.Tree Spirits are spiritual, thus able to move through obstacles. When a Tree Spirit is in water, it will increase the amount of hitpoints it heals on death. When the Tree Spirit dies, it heal allied units.
Contest Spell!

The hero summons Nature Spirits which move around him and heal his allies nearby. When the spirit touches a tree, the tree will be converted into a Walking Tree.

The hero summons a Nature Ward which channels energy from nearby trees. Every second, the ward will release all its channeled energy, healing allies and damaging enemies.

The hero throws a magical missle that causes roots to bind everything it touches

The hero summons roots from below the earth, impaling units within range of the roots. Each impaled unit takes damage and is flung into the air for a short duration.

The hero calls forth a sand storm that moves forward. The sand storm causes damage to all unit it touches and drags them along with the storm.

Protects the hero with Earthly armour. 3 rocks will start circling the hero and dealing damage to enemy units.

Please comment on the spells so I can improve them! +rep for comments! :D

-Fixed a critical bug with Entangling Magic. Thanks to ELECTROLYTE for reporting the bug.

Massive changes, first update in about 9 months.
-Improved Implementation of Nature spells and Water Spells
-Improved efficiency of Nature spells
-Fixed a bug with Rejuvenation Dust
-Fixed a bug with Entangling Magic that left the dummy units behind
-Rewrote Earth Armour to have more functionality and look better
-Earth Armour is now stackable
-Improved the functionality of Liquid Elemental.
-Improved the terrain check for Whirlpool

Fixed bugs with many spells not dealing damage.
Fixed a bug with Nature Ward which caused it to show floating text at the Center of the Map.
Fixed a bug with Rejuvenation Dust that caused it to show floating text at the Center of the map and gain healing power regardless of location.

Updated Water Spells slightly. Easier to implement and slightly more efficient. Will update Nature Spells next.

Simplest spell ever added. Earth Armour. Typical "Summon stuff that circles around you". Done differently though.

Fixed 2 bugs with Hydro Jet.

Improved efficiency of most AoE effect spells. Updated Sand Storm to use Hashtables.
Also fixed a bug with Impaling Roots, which didn't allow it to go through trees.

Made Water Wave not use an indexing system. Uses Hashtables instead.

Spells comply with new section rules. 1.24 compatible. Updated screenie :D
Whirlpool mana bug is still existant, but generally fixed.

Fixed a Mana Bug with Whirlpool when you cast it on land (its horrible, but I'll get it fixed soon :D). Map should be 100% compatible with 1.24 now. Also, Impaling Roots had a bug which made it deal crazy amounts of damage. Its fixed now.

Made Sand Storm and Water Wave destroy tress. Sand Storm looks better now, less lag- hopefully.

Added a new spell, Sand Storm

Fixed some leak removals and removed BJ in custom scripts (not sure if all were removed)

Credits: xxdingo93xx (Debug Message System :D)

v1.07 is quite a massive update, and there are probably some bugs. I tried to eliminate all of them during my tests, but its difficult for me alone, so please report any bugs :D


GUI, Spellpack, Nature, Water, Earth, Contest, Element, Elemental

Elemental SpellPack v1.07b (Map)

21:56, 19th Oct 2008 Dr Super Good: Mini moderators have reported this is an ok spell and thus it has been approved.




21:56, 19th Oct 2008
Dr Super Good:
Mini moderators have reported this is an ok spell and thus it has been approved.
Level 14
Jan 15, 2007
Good spell idea and also the spell itself is ok. I see no leaks so far. The only thing that bother me is that the spell isn't MUI or at least MPI.

But else the spell is well made. Especially I liked the tooltip which is very detailed. So far I can give you a 3.5/5!
Level 16
Sep 8, 2007
Idea/Creativity: 7/10
Coding: 10/10
Balance: 10/10
Ability Tooltip: 10/10
MUI: Yes (+2/10)
(Yes: +2/10, No: -2/10, MPI: +/-0/10)
Language: GUI: (+/- 0/10)
(GUI: +/- 0/10, Jass: +1/10, vJass: +2/10)
Total: 39/40

Average: 9/10 = 4/5

Viewers Note:

Hey man, a nice idea. There are leaking water spells everywhere so nice that you invented some.
Your coding style is good too, all leaks are removed.
Poor it is made in GUI >.< would look so good in Jass!!!
Your ability tooltip is excellent. The balancing of the ability too.
Level 22
Jun 24, 2008
@ The water wave.
Set its life span to 8 seconds or so, much better effect.
At its current, it doesnt really matter where it ware, it vanish after 2 sec. anyways.

By using 8 the wave will be REALLY big, at the end, but you can fix that by changing its scaling value, and add a "Mana of (Temp Unit)/2" to your scaling trigger.

Good Luck, triggering.
Level 15
Dec 18, 2007
Thanks for the encouragement and for looking at my spell :D. I will update it with some changes and add more water spells soon : ).
I was thinking maybe a whirlpool that really looks like one as in the units twirl around or something.
PS: I agree that water spells are lacking in the spells section.
EDIT: My spell doesn't seem to move to the top when I update. Also, the update date is not updated :p
Level 15
Dec 18, 2007
Thanks for the comment but I can't turn the shadows off for some reason :(. I guess GUI just doesn't allow it. Anyways, thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it :D
And actually you only see the shadows cos they are underwater in a sense, I made a terrain deformation, a crater to be precise, at the position of the whirlpool. So when the units get close they start to go under the water :).
Level 16
Sep 8, 2007
Hey, me again ^^
I see you've added another spell. Wow, it is great :D
...Except of 1 thing ^^
the Display Text when you don't cast it on water sux. Here, use my debug system.
I added it into your map and made a comment-trigger as explination how to use the system. The function itself in in the maps header and I just replaced the Display action with my system, give it a try ^^ just cast Whirl Pool not on water.

Your Spellpack with my debug message system
Take some rep for inventing another water spell ;)
Level 6
Apr 6, 2008
hey, you made a really nice spell-pack there :)
the whirlpool is my favorite one, it looks GREAT, but also the others are very nice
the only thing i dislike is the slow movement speed of the waterelement.

except of this small thing, you are doing a great job in my opinion, original ideas, very well made descriptions and ofc nice triggering ;)

5/5 and
+1 REP !!!
Level 2
Oct 26, 2008
very good...all spells are great...but the water orb needs to much time to explose or what ever it do^^...if u use this spell in a map the enemy has tooo much time to run away...so reduce time...4/5
Level 15
Dec 18, 2007
Thanks for the feedback, I understand what you mean, but think about it this way.
Water Orb is meant as a trap, so the player might place it in a place where enemies cannot see it easily and lure the enemy there, by the time the enemy goes there, he/she might not notice the Orb and might get hit by it. Furthermore, each wave does a certain amount of damage, imagine the enemy getting hit by 2-3 waves, it will inflict quite some damage on them.
Level 2
Oct 26, 2008
yes...thats right..but so low chance that the enemy stands in the area when the orb exploses....it would be better if u made the trap invis. and lower dmg...but lower cooldown...and if enemy touch the orb.then he will get dmg...like a normal trap by warcraft...u know what i mean?^^
Level 11
Oct 16, 2008
Really cool looking spells, the whirlpool is just amazing as people said already.
Okay its totally too powerful but balance is up to the importer anyways.
I dont really see a use for the water orb, but its a good triggering lesson and might give people derivated ideas of spells. Maybe just changing its "speed" could make it actually efficient also, well...
I also find that the wave is useless on land, but again, changing the speed at which it becomes samller could make up for that.

All in all, a greatly useful spellpack even if you dont need water, because you could change parts to get awesome effects of other elements (Lava syphon? Wave of dust?)
Your spellpack is one of the best I've seen recently, and the few spells I tested it are just great (well, I have downloaded it when it had just the first three spells :p).

I just have a little problem: I used Hydrojet in my map, and then I replaced the Water Elemental missile model with the Flying Machine missile model. It works fine: deals the damage and knocks the units back (I modified the damage only), but it lags terribly while the projectiles are shown. I tried to reduce or increase the animation speed of the jets, but 1) it's still laggy, or 2) it doesn't look like a machinegun. What would be the problem? The model or something else?
Level 15
Dec 18, 2007
Hmm, that's weird, didn't expect anything like this. Are you sure you didn't change anything? I guess I could try it on my computer, I will reply soon :D
EDIT: Hmm, it doesn't lag when I tried it. Maybe try and use another model (maybe harpy, set the scaling to something lower). Also, if you want to make it more like a machine gun, when creating the unit, make it face (Facing Angle of Picked Unit+ (Random Number between -10 to 10)) or something, that should make it more machine gun like.
Well, it seems like it was a combination of an issue with the animation speed of the jets and my slowpoke computer. I didn't check my map in a week or so, since I was working on my first spellpack, but I tested it yesterday in the internet cafe near my house, and the lag was almost inexistant. I fixed it at home, and the lag was reduced dramatically (but still is there. What would you spect of a PC with 192 MB of RAM with WinXP? ;) ). But thanks for the help anyways, I'll try that.
I didnt think the spells were very effective. In certain environments the spells would be worthless.
The best one, imo, was the nature spirits one. All the other ones could have been better executed. The Water pump one (Line of water) never even hits the target i select, the water trail one doesnt go anywhere useful and the water orb doesnt hit anything that half the effects do. Whirlpool looks cool but the dummy moon well thing doesn't fit at all.
You were creative with the spells, they just werent very useful. 3/5
Level 10
Jul 31, 2008

This one was sweet. Everything pwned. All but the water that appears, allthough it's probobly the best one you can find its not very nice.

Overall Rating : 9.5/10

Water Orb

This one is also sweet. But when it has loaded to about 200 it gets a little bit laggy, not when its just loading but when the waves come out.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Cool how it gets bigger/smaller. The only thing i noticed thats weird with this is that sometimes, it just stoped and grew/went smaller.

Overall Rating : 9/10

Hydro Jet

Very nice spell, though its kinda, dont know what to say... Does it knockback?

Overall Rating : 8/10

Liquid Elemental

I like the water it leaves behind itself. Thought when the unit is walking it is kinda spike lagging (not the game, the unit).

Overall Rating : 9/10

Nature Spirits

The spirits run around finding trees! Very cool, also i got happy when the walking trees turnet into a normal tree when dying.

Overall rating : 10/10

Rejuventation Dust

Not much to say. Good spell but very simple... The least good one.

Overall Rating : 7.5/10

+rep for all these awsome spells.
Level 18
Feb 4, 2009
these spells are awesome!
however i got a fatal error while casting stuff with the kotg
i cant tell which one of the spells triggered it of because i used them all at the same time
additionaly i was standing at the fringe of the map
i ll test a little more...
edit: YAY i got it again xD
edit2: reason might be corpse but im not sure going to test more
edit3: well it had nothing to do with corpse but it happens with the first and second skill used only (however "eaT tree" and something with naTure have the same hotkeys
edit4: ok i got it its the second spell which is causing it but dont ask me why oO
edit5: it seems that the first and second spell have to interact to cause the bug however i didn't find out anymore
here is a very bad quality gif and avi
fix it urself x)
sry for the quality but i didn't know which codec i should use to compress it


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