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  • I don't really understand what Feline's Movement is so you will have to explain it to me, in order for me to make that icon. I'll make it tomorrow gotta sleep now, oh and IF YOU NEED ANYTHING, ANY ICON, just say I will make it, it gives me inspiration to make icons for someone specifily, not making random items hoping someone will use them.

    Remember, any icon, just ask.
    Oh and I just noticed, I'm a 2 year old member! :D
    Pounce up! =)
    Oh and give me credits like this please:

    Pounce - [Level 1]
    Jumps bla bla range bla bla
    bla, lol leaps into the air(Idk
    spell shit).
    Icon by: Narandza (or if you want give me orange color)
    Hmmm, I think there will be no spell pack :/

    Maybe a few single spells, I just don't have that much time.
    Oh, hey there, you said you search for AoE spells? Check my Simple Spell Pack, if you didn't yet ^^

    Hmm.. i could do, but after a month, I'm really busy lately.

    Oh, and you can use "eye of sargeris"(or what is the model name) its green and it looks like the pheonix fire.

    I would base it on rain of fire or something, change the effects/buffs (and i think no triggering needed) maybe for the dummy as an effect.

    Sorry. again.
    Ok, I am too overwhelmed with work on all fronts. I can't take no more requests.
    It is time I shall leave.

    But fear not, the day shall come when I shall return for your aid.

    My last stride concludes in a command Icon pack for Elemental TD, Enjoy.

    Dual Adaptation v1.00 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

    New spell, enjoy :p
    Sure I'm planing of making an fire spell in future, after i update the fan of knives.
    It will be based on silence and than flames(bolts) will charge to the middle oft the targeted point aoe would be like 450 or something, dunno.

    We'll see when its done :p

    Please Join my Warcraft Site for some cool Downloads and Warcraft Resources
    - Warcraft Most Wanted
    Hi, I am chenlimin form bored aussie, I saw you post on the who make map thread saying that you get your stuff on hive, so I came to say "hi".
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