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Last Activity:
Jul 17, 2016
Apr 6, 2008


Mapper/Spell maker

Flash.Kisame was last seen:
Jul 17, 2016
    1. arphax214
      well yeah ill check into it..^^
    2. arphax214
      yo man still making maps?
    3. arphax214
      i thought you were gone from wc3..hehe nice coming back..
    4. Phr33k101
      Hi, apparently you have the best reputation (or the best reputation that I have seen). I am a n00b at modding, but I can create basic spells and heroes. I would appreciate it If you could help me by telling me how to add effects to spells (like stunning people affected by fan of knives) and how to make spells look awesome. Please help.
    5. Kl3sk
      Why did you give Final War to Upgrade ? The man sucks balls in terms of map-making...sad..
    6. arphax214
      hello flash!!!
    7. Wizardum
      yeah, I realized you were, so there's no problem ^^

      I'll soon create a thread about the map, with of course a video sample showing a little of the gameplay.

      But yeah I might need help, specially when beta testiing stage comes, there are few people I can trust out there, before stealing my ideas (i'm saying this because there's already someone stalking me to know what features my map have)
    8. Wizardum
      Hello Flash.Kisame

      It's been a while since we last talked, due to the stop of my old naruto project I think.

      I guess you and a lot of people were expecting a lot from me and from that project, but I also guess you all became disappointed because I stopped working on it.

      Well this is the following, I've started a new naruto project. Yes, but this time there are some differences, I'm much more motivated and I already worked a lot on it to give up now.

      So what is this message for? to let you know that I don't forget about people who helped me in the past, and also to inform that soon I will release a video with the new features I'm working on as well as creating a thread in the map projects section ^^. ( I have to come up with a name for the map first though xD )

      With no further ado

      The best regards
    9. Upgrade
      Well i have been redoing terrain. But i also have to finish my own map before real work on this map.My own map is soon finished so ^^
    10. Upgrade
      For some reason i cant post links from wc3u :/.
      http:// wc3r. forumcircle.com /view topic.php?t=6317
      Remove the spaces ^^
    11. Upgrade
    12. Upgrade
      Ok Flash .you'll get the updates as they comes ^^
    13. RaijinSpark
    14. Upgrade
      I got it :).I wil completly change terrain ^^ and add more chars.You wil get major credits my friend :)
    15. RaijinSpark
      are you alive??
    16. Wizardum
    17. jarri
      next major change was new kakashi model, and the ninken was reskinned. also new rock lee shippuden model by demon ye. also another model for his gates opened form added and now, instead of going red, he gets a new model after opening 3-5 gates. for 1-2 gates the model stays same. but theres a bug with his hidden lotus(ura renge) he goes red when hes starting to do it and stays like that even after gates are closed. also, i must say deidara and hidan were awesome-both models and spells =) i liked everything u did but i think hidan's ulti is bugged. also, there is now a change in the animations trend of chidori. and u need to make the unit get stunned after chidori because thats how it is in the anime. and.. i also got a new lowsize fireball jutsu model as u saw in my album. gamabunta reskinned, itachi reskinned and camera added. kisame was already perfect.. and lots more stuff, ill tell u later when it comes to my mind.
    18. jarri
      ok, ill send it when im done editing. as for the list of things ive done, well:

      i replaced the hokage building model. now the barrow dens, shinobi academy and houses have new and awesome models. total filesize of all these building models (with skin) is.. i think 45kb
    19. jarri
      yeah yeah ok ill stop, but he pisses me off sometimes- (i suppose all he did was give u some models though)
    20. Flash.Kisame
      guys, please... stop insulting each other...

      i dont know how jarri got those models, however, as long as he got permission for those models and gives proper credits in my map there will be no problem at all

      furthermore, yes, jarri you have done a lot for my map, i really appreciate that !!
      but, Upgrade has been a help as well, dont forget that, and please dont start insulting him...

      youre both a great help
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    Current Project:
    Bleach vs Naruto vs One Piece
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Cult of the Damned


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