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Spell Requests

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Level 4
May 15, 2010
Darkill converts the damage he sustained over the last 10 seconds into a dark blast dealing damage.

500 AoE

Lvl 1 Converts 50% damage sustained

Lvl 2 Converts 70% damage sustained

Lvl 3 Converts 100% damage sustanied

Lvl 4 Converts 120% damage sustained

What it looks like:
A dark blurry circle that grows bigger quickly and disappears.

Selects ground.

AoE 225
Darkill smashes the ground, creating a black impassable fissure in the ground stunning enemy units.

Lvl 1 125 Damage .5 sec stun

Lvl 2 175 Damage .7 sec stun

Lvl 3 225 Damage 1 sec stun

Lvl 4 325 Damage 1.3 sec stun

What it looks like: Long black fissure in the ground. Impassable.

Selects certain spot on ground/unit.

Shadow Punch

Even with the immense weight of the darksteel golem, he is able to
strike a foe with his fist in lightning speed, Causing the target to be knocked back
and take damage.

Lvl 1 50 damage 2 sec stun

Lvl 2 70 Damage 3 sec stun

Lvl 3 90 Damage 4 sec stun

Lvl 4 110 Damage 5 sec stun

Selects unit

What it looks like:
Attacks really fast, hero knocked back a fair amount of distance.

Malice Tentacles

Spawns dark tentacles for a short amount of time each dealing 300 chaos damage. If spawns directly under hero, deals additional 20 damage and a 3 second stun (like burrow strike). Life time can be improved if any item/intelligence aura by .3 seconds per point. Attacks only heroes.

Selects ground

Lvl 1 5 second life time

Lvl 2 6 second life time

Lvl 3 7 second life time

Lvl 4 8 second spawn time

What it looks like: Spawn 3 dark tentacles around the hero in a triangle.

Hope this isn't too much to ask. ^_^ :vw_death:

Well probably is :D
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