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Need help with spell and system

Level 4
Mar 15, 2009
I need some help making this spell

all gui and mui

will + rep to all who help

every spell got 5 level
alvl = abillity level
:wink: = spell i already done

-have (0.05% x alvl) to stun for 3 sec and damage the unit equal to str

-damage 6 unit infront hero by (str / 6) x alvl

Spin Strike
-damage surounding hero by (str / 10) x (alvl x 1.5) :wink:

- Increase att spd by (agi x alvl)% and last equal to ((int / 10) + 2)

Call Guard
-call 2 guard that hit the target once by str x (alvl x 0.5)

Enchant Sword
-add (alvl x 13) in every hit and drain mana by 10 per hit :wink:

-call all unit around hero to hit hero and hero have chance (0.05 x alvl) to counter 50% damage taken

Hit and Slash
-damage (str x alvl) to 1 unit and (str / 6) for 6 unit behind 1st unit. (diffrent animation)

-evade (alvl x 0.15) melee attack but taking 130% damage for 20 sec

Triple Crusher
-Shockwave infront hero 300 range dealing (str x 0.7) x alvl and stuns all that been attack by shockwave for 2 sec and move hero to the back (last shockwave point) and deal (str x 0.7) x alvl again

Throw Sword
-Throw sword to enemy dealing line damage 500 range (agi + (str x 0.8)) + (alvl x int). required 1 item every times throwing sword. item class = charge

Guard The King
Increase (500 x alvl) hp and (15 x alvl) str and (2 x alvl) armor for 30 sec :wink:

Double Shot
-hit an enemy twice dealing ((1.5 x alvl) x agi)

Piercing Shot
-deal a line damage ((2.5 x alvl)x(agi / 3)) (arrow will go through unit)

Wind Armor
-Damage creep that attack hero by ((agi / 8) x alvl)

Call Hawk
-summon hawk (permenent) that can deal equal to hero agi and hp equal to (hero hp x alvl) and have 3 slot for item (only can carry charge type)

Poison Shot
-hit 1 unit with ((agi x alvl) x 0.7) and damage the unit by (agi / 7) per sec for 7 sec

Arrow Shower
-using cluster rocket abillity. damage unit in 200 aoe by (agi + (str x alvl)) once and stun for 2 sec

Hunter Sprit
-Evade (alvl x 0.02)% and at the same time heal self for (int / 10)

Wind walk
-just normal wind walk :wink:

Keen Eye
-give (alvl x 0.05)% to add damage (agi/5)

Sonic Shot
-give 200% attack speed for 5 sec and damage the unit for the first strike by ((agi x alvl)x(alvl x 0.7))

Call Hunt
-Give all nearby hero to gain ((agi x alvl) / 10) for 20 sec

Set Trap
summon 1 ward that hits up to 4 unit and dealing damage equal to hero ((agi / 5)x alvl) and stun 0.5 sec with every hit. last 30 sec

Blink Strike
-Blink behind enemy and deal damage by (agi x (alvl x 1.5))

-Increase attack speed by (14 x alvl)% for 30 sec :wink:

Double Punch
-Damage one unit by (agi x (0.8 x alvl)) and (str x (0.8x alvl)

Steal Gold
-steal gold from unit equal to (agi x alvl) + (enemy level x alvl)

-have (0.05 x alvl)% to create image of hero and deals 30% damage

Armor Break
-Damage unit equal to str amd decrease armor by (2 x alvl)

-Become invisable from enemy and increase sight range by (100 x alvl) and regeneration by (1 x alvl)%

Dagger Strike
-Deals Damage to single unit by (((agi x 1.5) - int) x alvl) 5 times

Enchant Shadow
-Give (0.05 x alvl) to do 250% damage :wink:

Shadow Armor
-Give (0.07% x alvl) to evade all attack :wink:

Shadow Strike
-Hit random enemy unit in 400 range dealing ((agix1.5) + (str x 1.5)) for (2 x alvl) times.

Shadow Evenom
-Hit one unit dealing (int x 5) and Stun for (2 x alvl) seconds and decrease 50% enemy damage for (4 x alvl) seconds

-Damage 3 unit infront mage by (int x (alvl x 1.5)

Earth Grip
-Grip 4 random enemy near 250 from hero and damage by ((current mana / 12) x alvl)

Lightning Ball
-Throw 3 lightning ball to a unit and deal (int/3) for 2 ball and ((int/3) x alvl) for the last ball

Mana Shield
-Shield mage from any damage by decreasing (3 x alvl) for each damage deals to mage :wink:

Flame Shield
-Damage nearby creep by ((int x alvl) x 0.5) per sec by (3 x alvl) seconds

Flame Burst
-Throw 3 fireball to random enemy in 300 range dealing ((int/7) x alvl) and explode dealing aoe 50 by (str)

Fire chain
-Chain 3 unit deling (40 x alvl) and heal the hero by (int) :wink:

Fire Mastery
-have (0.05 x alvl) to cast fire blast that deal aor 150 damage (((int x 1.5) x alvl) + agi)

Meteor Call
-call down 5 meteor at 300aoe deling ((int/2) x alvl) for each meteor

Ice Strike
-Call 15 ice that deal damage to 1 unit by ((int/20) x alvl) for each ice channeling

Mistic Ball
-Create 1 big ball at point decreasing enemy armor by (alvl) and last 10 sec. after that ball will explode and damage ((agi + str) x alvl) 300 aoe

Grand Cannon
-Create 1 shockwave 600 range casting time 3 sec deals damage equal to (int x str) x 0.15 and another 2 blast deals ((agi/3) x alvl)

-heal target equal to (int x alvl) :wink:

-heal hp by ((int / 3) x alvl) + casting hero lvl) for 20 sec

Holy Light
-Damage 1 unit equal to (((int x 3) / 5) x alvl)

Increase Int
-Increase int to target hero by ((3 x alvl) + casting hero lvl/5) for 2 min

Increase Agi
-Increase agi to target hero by ((3 x alvl) + casting hero lvl/5) for 2 min

Decrease Agi
-Slow unit attack and movement speed by (15 x alvl)% for 10 sec :wink:

Water Ball
-throw water ball to target and explode dealing (int x 5) for 50 aoe and (int x alvl) for 150 aoe

Grand Heal
-Heal all hero near 300 range from priest by (int x 1.5) x alvl) :wink:

Holy Judgement
-add 5 armor to all hero in 500 range and heal by ((2 x int) x alvl) and damage all enemy by (int x alvl) armor last 15 sec

Increase Str
-Increase str to target hero by ((3 x alvl) + casting hero lvl/5) for 2 min

Water Tide
-Send foward 3 wave dealing (str x alvl), (agi x alvl), (int x alvl)

Rune Shell
-Add anti magic shell that reduce 30% magic damage for (10 x alvl) seconds

Holy Water
-Throw holy water to 1 allied hero and heal (2000 x alvl) add (25 x alvl) to damage and (5 x alvl) armor fpr 20 sec required holy water item type charge

all Swordmen spell lvl 5
all Thief spell lvl 5
all Acolyte spell lvl 5
all Archer spell lvl 5
all Mage spell lvl 5
all Swordmen + archer lvl 5
all Thief + mage lvl 5
all Swordmen spell + Knight lvl 5
all Thief spell + Rouge lvl 5
all Acolyte spell + Priest lvl 5
all Archer spell + Hunter lvl 5
all Mage spell + Flame Mage lvl 5

I try to make 1 trading system that can change item between 2 hero
but got error every times i try that system
this the system [thread=176504]Trading system[/thread]

Level 4
Mar 15, 2009
ya but i not good in triggering.. so what i wan actualy some example trigger.. so i can learn how to make it .