Spell Book System

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Level 3
Jan 26, 2008
Greetings again. Im in the process of making a map and Ive hit a road block. Im trying to make a spellbook that works like the ORPGs youd find in warcraft. Ive discovered two - three different ways of doing this but not quite what I want. I asked creator of Forlorn ORPG Rabid Weinerdog, and he gave me his way of spell systems. But his makes maps to large for my taste. His system involves a spell book for every spell and when the specified level is reached the book is replaced by the new one. But that causes rather large map sizes. Does anyone want to be kind enough to make a tutorial here or make a spell book system map as an example for me? My basic needs are:

1. Level 1 is one spell. Level 2- Nothing happens. Level 3- New spell. Level 4. Nothing. Level 5. Nothing. Level 6 -New spell. Something like that.

2. The ability to change what levels the new spell book abilities are changed. Like in the trigger I want to be able to understand and change the level requirements.

Not open for further replies.