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Specials for WPNs and AMRs

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Can someone help me think of ideas that will make each weapon and armors distinct/unique? Something like:

[1] Sword causes fire damage/bleed damage
[2] Sword can be thrown and returns to its owner, like thor's hammer
[3] Sword can slash arrows/specific projectiles

[1] Mirrors damage to enemy by 25%
[2] Cloak ability by 6 seconds and cooldown of 120 seconds
[3] Feared by murlocs


Please keep the idea doable and simple to do in Warcraft III, I'm not a very skilled coder. :)
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Jun 4, 2009
You might want to think about each weapon's weight on the wielder as well as flexibility in use (speed, reaction, blocking possibility).
Two handed weapons heavier and less mobile than one hand ones but longer and harder and wider at the strike.
Bows shoot farther than crossbows but might be less penetrative. Crossbows might take more time to load.

Something like that. If you're into fantasy, then you can imagine what ever you want like humongous swords being used as one hand ones because they're either made from some magical alloy or the user is fantastically strong although skinny.
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Apr 6, 2010
You could create customizeable weapons by adding item abilities via triggers (for example, an aura, an orb effect, and an active spell). Even with a limited amount of addable abilities, that allows for multiple unique weapons (even moreso if you make weapons with 1/2/3 spell slots).


Gravity Surge: Attacks deal knockback to ground units based on their total HP.
Parry: X% chance to cause a melee attack to damage the attacker.

Sword of Massacres: Damage increases by X for every 10 seconds the wielder is in combat.

Quiver: Causes a random passive debuff with every attack: Stun, knockback, Feedback, splash damage, Banish, etc.


Telekinesis Reactive Armor: Randomly teleport a melee attacker away.

Aether Armor: Every successive hit on the wearer gives a stacking +10% Evasion but increases Magic damage taken. On the 10th blow, the wearer becomes ethereal. The effect wears off by stages if not attacked (i.e. remains at X% Evasion and Y% increased Magic damage for 10 seconds, then goes down to X-10% and Y+10% for 10 seconds).

Golem Armor: Adds X armor and reduces damage by Y for every level, maintaining that level of protection for 10 seconds and increasing if attacked. Maximum of 5 levels.
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