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The Sorceress sent by the Magocrats of Dalaran to watch over the volatile battle magi, use their arcane powers to aid the Human forces. Although their powers are not often used directly in combat, the sorceresses are able to aid the warriors with a wide array of specialized conjurings and magical effects.

All textures are with the better quality as possible for cinematic purposes, so it's up to the user to optimize it or not.

This Model contain the following animation sequences.

  1. Attack 1
  2. Cinematic Hang
  3. Cinematic Reverence
  4. Cinematic Roar
  5. Cinematic Talk
  6. Cinematic Wounded
  7. Death
  8. Decay
  9. Portrait
  10. Spell
  11. Stand 1
  12. Stand Ready
  13. Stand Victory
  14. Walk
Character model belongs to World of Warcraft - Blizzard ®


Sorceress (Model)

HUSorceress (Reforged) (Icon)

Models section All building, destructible, item, and unit models must include a game camera or portrait model; attachment and doodad models need not. Building, destructible, unit, hero, attachment models must be properly animated. - Please rename...


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May 1, 2018
Hello Zaffar, I'm here to pick on one of your methods. The icons that come with multiple models you've uploaded have a filesize of 512kb for HD, and 26kb for SD. This is ridiculous :p

You can use the settings as shown below to SIGNIFICANTLY decrease the file size.


I've attached an example of this compression as well.

With this, the icons should come out to be around 40kb for HD, and 2.5kb for SD (Assuming SD also uses .dds and not .blp)


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Models section

  • All building, destructible, item, and unit models must include a game camera or portrait model; attachment and doodad models need not.
  • Building, destructible, unit, hero, attachment models must be properly animated. - Please rename all "Cinematic" animations (especially the Cinematic Talk so the charaters' portrait has working talk animations) so they're usable in Warcraft III (also names like "reverence", "hang" and "roar" aren't usable in Warcraft III). Please make Attack 1 and Spell have the same start and end keyframes. Please make Stand Victory looping. Also please add both a Decay Flesh and Decay Bone animation as simply having a Decay animation causes some unwanted side effects.
  • The mesh must be clean, with no excess of unnecessary edges and no wasteful geosets or polies.
  • The UV map must be decent and continuous, with as few seams as possible and without nasty stretching of the skin.
  • The model must have proper attachment points. - Please add Left Foot and Right Foot.
  • Attachment models must list all models for which they were optimized for (One at the very least).
  • If the model is a geomerge, make sure the parts are blended properly and so they don't look like something wickedly unnatural (i.e. exaggeratedly huge heads, very thin necks/waists, etc); objects that should be attached to body parts must not float around or be attached unnaturally (i.e. a sword floating near the hand or attached to the lower arm instead of being in the fist); also make sure the UV mapping is correct and that it has no nasty stretching. If so, redo it.
  • The submission must include an in-game screenshot.
  • Models ported/converted from other games/sources must be submitted in the "Ported Models" sub section.
  • Models for HD graphics in Reforged must be submitted in the "Reforged HD Models" sub section.

Ported animated models
  • As a side note of the second rule, if you want to submit a model that retains all of its default WoW (or source game) animations you are encouraged to upload it separately, and link it in the description.
  • Must have death sounds.
  • Must have footsteps/footprints if applicable.
  • Extents must be properly calculated.
  • Normals should be recalculated to remove any dark/black areas (if any). This can be done easily with RMS (Retera Model Studio Reforged Hack).
  • Must be properly scaled (WoW models are often way too small) so attachments and projectiles are also properly scaled.
  • All materials must have the correct filtering mode.
  • If the model has a dissipate animation it must have a dissipate sound in the dissipate animation.

Optional changes that may improve ported models
  • Particle emitters on models that originally have particles in the source game is a big plus.
  • Make a portrait animation instead of a separate _Portrait model.
  • In case the model uses fabric headgear (such as various bandanas etc) try to attach the bottom part of the bandana mesh to the chest bone so the cloth doesn't clip through the chest, but rather stick to the chest while the upper part follows the heads' animations.
  • The models should be optimized using Mdlvis with everything checked except for "Increase compressibility (MDX Only)" as that function is faulty.
  • Textures should be renamed with a prefix to make imports easier, and to be more structured. For example a human male warrior body texture could be; HMW_Body.blp.
  • All textures can be saved with 75% compressibility to further reduce file size. - Managed to reduce one of the textures from 2mb to 500kb.
  • Footstep sounds are a big plus, especially with big models that would obviously make sound when moving around.
  • Splats in death animations is recommended.

Set to awaiting update.