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[SoBG] Settlers - Help topic.

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Jun 29, 2009
This topic going to be help with every bigger problem in my development:
[SoBG] Settlers - Development Topic

Let's get started :

I need a solution how to create special points for village/towns ( I got already custom object )
That special points are 'road croses'. Only there building should be allowed.

I though about create special efect on that area.. and then build will require that efect. I'll create efect by trigger on defined point by tool. But then how to create a requirement for that custom building -> town and vilage?

I also though about other way:
if settler enter region -> add building skill (village) -> if skill being used then create village in center of that region. Don't know if it's possible to do. Gonna test soon.

now I got it like that:
- > Unit enters 'gameboard'.
Req: -
Actions: If1 entering unit = building
If2 position of entering unit terrain type = ground ( on map I got only grass and ground yet [+water])
then do nothing
else2 remove entering unit from game.
else1 do nothing


Well next problem is a little bigger.
For begin:

Road can be build between 2 road croses. Road can be only build if it's linked with another road or with town / settlement (now I stopped call it village but settlement). Another problem: road can be build if it's linked with current player road or settlement/town. Other players building should be ignored.


Any solutions ? ideas? Better? Any links to tutorials?

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