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Snow Angel TD

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by Xsilver07, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Xsilver07


    Sep 11, 2004
    UPDATE (7/13/09) - Map attached is fixed and ready for play.

    Hello all for those of you who dont know me im a long time warcraft III mapper back since the warcraft II days, a winner of third place in the first paired mapping contest with my wife for the map Cardiators and a generally friendly guy.

    After many months of off and on work, having a baby girl, and buying a house, im finally getting ready to release my next production. Its not as complicated as cardiators was to make but is nonetheless deep and fun.


    -5 player Tower Defense style map.
    -5 Full tiered races (except for one single tiered-high damage race)
    -Over 356+ custom self casting abilities amongst the towers.
    -5 Unique heroes featuring some models from fellow hive members. (credits given)
    -Randomized terrain within the tower field that presents new strategic placement of towers each game.
    -Dynamic boss battles every 10 levels.
    -40 Levels.
    -Secret ending if beat on Very Hard.

    The general theme of the map is that you are in icecrown, playing the defensive roll to stop Razzius the Desecrator from building up an army of scourge creatures. Razzius sits upon his throne as the final destination for creeps. Players take up arms as one of the following:

    Bloodsong Clan: A shaman based race with totems being the primary towers, and heavy magical leaders at the end of the tier. Balanced race relying mostly on magical damage.

    The Golden Crusade: An alliance of Blood Elves, Humans, and Night Elves forged for a common purpose. This race sets its focus on support, and health + mana regeneration. Low damage race.

    Mercenaries: An array of available mercenaries make up this race led by an explosives mastery goblin. 1 Tier race consisting of consideribly high damage towers.

    The Brute Alliance: A rag-tag alliance of Orcs and Creatures to form a formiddable fortress. Primarily a low cost tower Mazing race.

    The Netherforce: An delicate alliance has been made with this force of undead creatures that seek razziius as a foe. Primarily a high damage single target race with many towers.

    Progress thus far:
    The map is pretty much finished after many problems. I was having a difficult problem with heroes losing drastic amounts of health because of various aoe abilities, which i think i've mostly fixed.

    The only trouble i'm having now, and im asking the hiveworkshop for help is that after difficulty selection and right after everyone chooses a character while playing on battle.net, everyone but the host gets disconnected from the game. I'm not sure whats causing this bug yet but im looking into it, any help would be greatly appreciated so i can get this map in full play condition!

    Thank you for taking the time to read and you can download the open beta below to play or inspect, let me know if you can hellp! I check back here daily.

    Thank you! -Sayaer and Jandon

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009