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Underwater maul

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Level 5
Nov 1, 2007
Hi everyone , I had this idea of making a tower defence of my own , i know that might be common . But i want to make it underwater , and I chose maul as my map base design .
Here are some idea i have for this map :

There entrance of the prison have been bombed ! the prisoners are free !Your aim in this game is to prevent convicts from escaping the underwater prison . These convicts include nagas , sea monsters and highly dangerous humans that have to be kept underwater for security reasons . You are the last hope before these criminals escape and do more damage to civilisation .

1) the game is underwater so ...

-the creator of elements are naga or human
- animation and height level is to seem like their swimming
- elements or race that consists of high technology
looking models , so that the humans can be underwater

2) the elements of this game ...

- consists of naga , human ( high tech ) , goblins ( high tech )
and some random idea a toy race hehe
- are split into 2 catergories - the random idea elements , the
more serious type of elements

3) Towers / Buildings ...

- models may be custom imported from hiveworkshop or other
- can be upgraded
- units like archer / naga siren can be 'buildings'

I wanna get somemore ideas , so kindly write down what you think should be in this game , which title is UNDERWATER maul , What kind of models i should use , and if u got any to recommend or that u personally like and would want it to be in this game . More random ideas too hehe x) write down whatever u like :xxd:

Updates - Ideas i came up with for race

- Human race
Building to summon builder : Submarine
Builder : Robot probe
Description : high tech , fast attack speed , moderate damage , 1 slow
Towers : 5

- Goblin race
Building to summon builder : Boom Lab
Builder : Dr . Boom
Description : high tech , slow attack speed , high damage , slows unit . high
Tower : 5

- The Undead race
Building to summon builder : Sunken ship
Builder : Evil Soul
Description : bring back those who died at sea to fight for you , moderate
attack speed , high damage , little splash
Tower : 5

- Naga race
Building to summon builder : coral bed
Builder : Mr Fish
Description : Naga Towers , high damage , high splash , moderate
damage , normal attack speed
Tower : 5

- Pirate Race
Building to summon builder : Pirate ship
Builder : Parrot
Description : pirates , slow attack speed , low
damage , good splash , but all can be improved by upgrade : oxygen tank
Towers : 5

- Tong Tong Toy Race
Building t summon builder : Toy factory
Builder : Tong the toy builder
Description : Toys towers , high attack speed ( due to
good mechanism haha ) moderate damage , moderate splash ,
Towers : 5

- Bermuda Triangle Race
Building to summon builder : Bermuda Triangle
Builder : Mist
Description : monsters from a different dimension , high damage ,
great attack speed , good splash , slows unit due to the fact that towers
never been seen before
Towers : 5

- Magic Race
Building to summon builder : Magic Orb
Builder : Kael
Description : revenants , elementals low damge ,
fast attack speed , no splash .
Towers : 5

- Electricity Race
Building to summon builder : Power plant
Builder : Engineer
Description : High attack speed , moderate damage , Chain lightning , stuns
Towers : 5

- Archery race
Builder to summon builder : Archery Academy
Builder : Trainer
Description : High attack speed , good damge , acid arrow upgrades and
oxygen tank upgrades
Towers : 5

Oxygen tanks upgrades are for those who cannot be in the water such as archers , pirates . Unfortuately goblin have max their oxygen upgrades due to high level of technology . There is 5 upgrades for oxygen tanks , they increase focus - damage , attk speed .

acid arrows damages a group of units together

I will add on ... please give me more ideas thank you ! I may edit these races anytime !
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Level 7
Jul 6, 2008
Just make it not a maul and it sounds good enough, but don't include a toy race. It's usually stupid.
Level 5
Nov 1, 2007
Wow so much neg comments ... and how am i actually copying your maul ???
i like maul cos u can like create a maze however u like ...

Go see the updates i have made on top
Level 10
Aug 4, 2008
Mauls are..... great. Simple fun and rewarding to play. The underwater theme is cool, I hope you can pull it off effectively.

I think the human race should be retitled as the Scuba Race, because you have other races which are human as well so it just seems odd. Also, I've never seen an Archer under water.... possibly rename them the Harpoon Race?
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