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Map in Progress: Ziggurat TD

Level 5
Sep 1, 2010
Map stage: late alpha / early beta

Target group of players: TD Players that are looking for a challenging map that will hopefully be balanced until the very last wave with your help :)

Hi folks! I'm searching for some feedback to improve this ongoing project.
I'd be happy to get some suggestions on the balance of towers, for spicing up terrain a bit, found bugs, missing / incorrect tooltips that are not listed here or if someone had a good idea on how to debug the inbuild ziggurat placement ability.
And generally I'd like to know (of course), do you have playing this map, though still incomplete? Is the learning curve to steep? Especially wave 4 and 8 might be quite frustrating in the beginning, I fear (working for months on this map, I can't really tell anymore, so I'm in desperate need of your feedback).

This map is essentially a tower defense where you try do defend your Ziggurat
against loads of creeps, often interrupted with waves having special abilities.

In difference to most tds where creeps simply run through, creeps attack your ziggurat until either one is dead - which ends the game often not in your favor. To prevent this from happening, you pick a builder and upgrade your ziggurat

-almost free mazing
-3 completed builders (some tooltipps may be overlooked, balancing is still an issue)
-5 more planned
-50 Waves of creeps; including, mini and regular bosses, flying waves, fast and so on. See quests ingame for full details :)
-waves balanced currently from level 1 to 35 (of 50)
-Each builder features 11 different towers, most with up to 4 upgrade stages.
-each tower has a sell ability
-simple terrain, each builder quarter has movement restrictions for other builders
-single to 4-player compatible (FFA mode; more to come in later versions)
-already some credits for the help received so far; you might know some of the names :)
-long list of commands for about any useless information you might want to know about waves; including amrou and attak types and special abilities

Map Creator: ThaAthael

Known bugs:
-phasing waves are taking too long in large low damage mazes; will be altered soon (changing against other type of wave)
-building towers during waves may alter a creep's movement significantly, even so that selling a tower at one end and building one to close your maze on the other side (done with cheap towers) may let creeps wander in your maze until you've killed them all instead of reaching your ziggurat
-ziggurat placement ability randomly causes creeps near your ziggurat to attack everything in range; unstuck ability however gives them their original orders again.
-arcane builder: incineration tower on low mana often don't fire their stacking attack
-arcane builder: etheral tower banish causes creeps to aggro random targets once when banished near the ziggurat.
-arcane builder: autocast shock wave of city of magic not working properly (often not casting)
-leaks not fixed yet; coming soon after 4th builder is done


  • Ziggurat TD0.3.w3x
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Level 4
Apr 15, 2011
i didnt played map more than 10 minute because i was doing well, with only cheapest two tower. not upgrading etc., kinda spamming
but the problem is
we need some damn shortcuts
its taking so long
Level 5
Sep 1, 2010
Thanks for the hints - most players I've asked so far told me they didn't need any shortcuts though.. though with addition of 4th builder (currently stuck on some malfunctioning abilities) I'd add shortcuts for abilities and building towers (as well as rework some autocasts..). Next version will have them, though it still takes some time to accomplish that :(
As for Logo and screenshots: I'll add them during the next few days (at least screenshots; I still have no clue what to use as a logo :grin: ).
Level 11
Jul 9, 2009
Ill try to test it xD

Tested it
my suggestions are give the spawned creeps a stabled path, when i made a tower at the east of the ziggurat they went to the north of it and when i restarted the game and put the tower at the north of the ziggurat they went to the east, and maybe slower the messages that are supposed to show at the start of the game maybe have a 6 second interval for each of them, and i suggest HOTKEYS !! as RLStorm said, and when you upgrade a tower make the model change or make its scaling value higher ??
and these models over here

they were used as doodads, at the beginning I was like i have starting towers already ,awesome, but then when the creeps spawned i was like WTF why arent they hitting the creeps, i tried to select them but nothing happened, I was confused maybe of the team color ? and make them as units instead of doodads thats all I can say for now, hoping for more updates xD
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Level 5
Sep 1, 2010
Thanks for the input, Saif :)
Hotkeys are done for the next version (as well as a 4th builder).
Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on some major bugs so no updates until I've found where the true problem lies.

As for fixed unit paths: Since you'll be able to place you ziggurat anywhere in your quarter, you'll have more possibilities to control the way creeps advance towards you.. Hope I'll get the north vs south mode done once my exams are over, so placing it somewhere else than in a corner will be more fun.
Spawning points will have portals to make clearer where they spawn.
The wardens are a temporary solution to show a player where the heck the creeps come from ^^
I'm keeping them still, since I'm still not sure whether or whether I should not make them selectable and give them a 1-use-only ability that helps a player solve a wave he/she's struggling with.

Oh, not to forget: starting game message hints will have their own command to show, so less flooding the screen ;)
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Level 2
Jul 8, 2011
I tested it, It was good but like the others said: we need some shortcuts =D I'm making a map currently, it's not finished yet because I'm still having trouble doing the triggers. I'm using the DotA Template to see what kind of trigger they use because I'm making a map similar to DotA but with only 2 lanes and only 4 players each side. When it's finished or nearly finished, I'll post it up here so that you guys can comment on it so I can make it even better. :D