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Level 9
Dec 21, 2006
Since i am getting only negative feedback while playing in bnet i want to try this forum to get the opinion of skilled mapper and player.

About the map:

It's a 3 player team survival TD. This means you have to work together to fight off the creeps arriving at the portal.
The map as you can see at the minimap has some "wierd" pathing because the creeps randomly spread all over the map. But this offers many strategies for the different towers.

The builder itself is able to morph into another builder with a certain cd based on the current wave. There are 3 builders and each is having its own use.
The gargoyle mainly provides mana and vision. The witch mainly builds support tower to slow, disable or w/e.
The undeadmage is able to build all the damage towers.

The creeps themselves don't have (m)any special abilities except the heroes which arrive every 5 minute. The creeps keep spawning and there are always 5 spawn triggers active(very unusally for a TD).

Every feedback is welcome, since i am used to "wierd map""too difficult""too complexe"
It's still a beta version but the first round is 100% possible to solve.

Level 9
May 23, 2009
Idk why they did not reply.

So what do you need...
I will feedback you after i play the map,ok?
And if you need any help on the map just go to my page and ask,ok?

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