'Evil Rainbow' TD

Level 14
Aug 8, 2010
Hi! My TD is all in one turn but the turn is big.I've been thinking - almost every TD is for 4-5 players or more, so i desided to make a TD for one, two or three players.The map contains:
-difficulty system
-music that can be stopped and played again
-secrets that when are revealed will give gold
-live shop - there you can change lives for gold
-40 levels with 3 bosses and one secret level (from the secrets with the gold)
-builders - three types - undead, orc and night elf.
-towers - the towers are the same for the three builders, but with different skins (for more fun) and the only difference between the 3 races towers is that every builder can build it's own special tower
-creeps spawn - the creeps are spawning with '-go' and after '-go' is the number of the level. You can see what you need to type at every time at the place where the creeps spawn.
-sell towers - every tower can be selled for 70% of the gold it costs
-for one player the creeps will have low HP, for 2 players - more and for 3 players - high HP
-leaderboard : yes
-there may be more features that i have not writed. :D

My map is about 97% done i just need more secrets - now i have only 3 - you can give me an ideas for secrets, but different than 'a unit enters region' and 'player - chat message'... Thank you! :) :thumbs_up: +rep for every secret!