Snake TD

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Level 15
Jan 31, 2007
Snake ´I` I)


Version 1.04

General Information

already released

Terrain: IIIIIIIIII ~100%
Systems: IIIIIIIIII ~95%
Waves: IIIIIIIIII ~95%
Tower: IIIIIIIIII ~90%
All in all: IIIIIIIIII ~95%

*Update* v1.04 (09.07.08)
-fixed the commands interupting the spawn
-fixed a but with the player colors in the multiboard
-made the corners unbuildable
-Added Secret Tower
-enhanced live lost message
-fixed the rare Critical Error (i hope so , Credits to Hanky for help)

*Update* v1.03 (01.07.08)
-Many cosmetic changes
-Bugs fixed
-Messages fixed
-Commands added (-interest , -propertyall , -secrets , -secretsall , -special , ...)
-Questlog enlarged and information + hints added
-Random critical error fixed ( i hope so )
-bugs with the interest rate fixed

*Update* v 1.02 (25.06.08)
-Totally Overworked the Sell system
-2 New secrets added
-New Gold gain (Round Bonus + Leakless Combo + Interest Rate + Secret Bonus )
-New Commands (-property , -air , -interest)
-insane amount of optimised or fixed or overworked little things

*Update* v 1.01 (21.06.08)
-Demolisher Missile speed from 700 to 1000
-Fixed the Game message of beein under attack in Air waves
-Balancing , Last waves are harder now
-Tooltipdesin and Miltiboard changed + color codes for player
-extra Wave and Live Display added
-massive minor changes and fixes
-many spelling erros fixed and various other stuff

*UPDATE* v1.00 (19.06.08)
Finally the first official version!
-New Towers (Ultimate Tower 1/2/3/4)
-New Towers (Sniper Tower 1/2/3)
-New Towers (Demolisher Tower 1/2/3)
-New Towers (Laser Tower 1/2/3)
-New Waves (->50 Waves!)
-New Secret (-> 4 Secrets now)
-Remade ALL tooltips of all 53 Towers and Updates
-Completely Rebalanced Towers
-Many various fixes
-Added Loadingscreen
-Reduced Filesize (241 kb -> 194 kb)

*0.14 b*
-fixed stupid bug
-minor changes
-fixed another bug

*update* (0.14) (03.06.08)
-made the terrain smaller (last corner was senseless)
-some tooltips fixed
-reworked some things

*update* (0.13) (30.05.08)
-bug fixed
-secret added
-Interest Rate balanced

*update* (0.12a) (29.05.08)
-5 new waves added
-3 new Towers
-a couple of bugs fixed
-new balanced
-new gold reward system
-secrets added
-reduced filesize (300kb -> 235kb)

version 0.11 (*cough* 21.04.06 lool )

General Information

This towerdefence was starded a long long time ago (more than 2 years) and i decided some weeks ago to finish and optimise it. For the first it looks quite finished but its not exactely and i need feedback and ideas to improve it. Balancing should be quite good now.
It is a Single Tower Defence with chooseable Difficulty (Very Easy , Easy , Normal , Hard , INSANE!) and Lives (25 Lives / 15 Lives / 10 Lives / 5 Lives / 1 Live).



Units will give Bounty and also you will get a Bonus Gold after each Wave
(Gold for Completing the Wave , Gold for having a chain of beeing Leak Free , Interest Rate (3,5%) , Bonus Gold for Secrets )


There are Two Multiboards Ingame
One shows you The current and Next Waves and the other one each players Difficulty and remaining Lives




At the moment there are 8 Commands.

"-air" Displays all air waves and shows how many waves till the next air wave left

"-special" Displays all special waves and shows how many waves till the next special wave left

"-harder" Increases your difficulty (be careful with this command :D )

"-income" Shows your current Income rate (3,5% , increaseable with Secrets)

"-property" / "-property all" Displays the gold amount you/each player got after completing a wave in total (ranking)

"-secrets" /"-secrets all" Displays the number of found secrets you/each player got (ranking)


There are 50 Waves in this Tower Defense which are quite various.

Each 7th Wave is Air (Ground Towers deal 100% to Ground units and 25% to air units / Anti Air Towers Deal 200% to air units and 25% to ground units )
Air Waves ( 7 , 14 , 21 , 28 , 35 , 42 , 49 )
Be prepared for them !

Each 5th Waves is a Special Wave. These Waves a really different and you gotta be carefull with them. They can heal eachother , speed up , dodge your attacks or explode on death stunning your towers! You have to be prepared for everything :p


All in all there are 54 Towers in this game. At the beginning you got 4 Towers to choose of. (Human Tower , Orc Tower , Undead Tower , Nightelf Tower)
These can be upggraded 4 times each and got its Own advantages (e.g. Humand tower has bouncing attacks , Night Elf is antiair , ....)

With reseaching your Knowledge you can will get 4 new upgradeable Towers (Lightning Towers , Frost Towers , Mechanical Towers , Fire Towers )
Also each has its own Adavntage and each level 4 Tower has a Special Ability

You got two important unique towers to research (Nature Tower and Naga Tower )

Later you can get the Ultimate Towr with different Upgrades (Ultimate Tower 2/3/4 , Sniper Tower 1/2/3 , Demolisher Tower 1/2/3 , Laser Tower 1/2/3)

Also there is a Secret Tower now ;)

In Version 1.00 i completely remade all Tooltips and added better readable colours



Unique Tower

Ultimate Towers



:D There are 6 Different Secrets in this Tower defense which can be helpfull and increase your gold income ( +2 Bonus Goled each round , +0,5% Interest rate )

Let teh animals lead your way

- Save teh Bunny !
- Pengu from nowhere is quite fussy
- Racoon had no breakfast :( but sometimes he has to show patience
- Bam ! Stomp that ugly rat to the ground
- Pandas are lazy animals , they wanna be carried
- Your really dont know that Owl ?

I wont give more nformation about the Secrets :)

So thats all i can say about Snake TD
To get a real Impression you have to test it
Im always happy about Feedback and Critism!


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Level 14
Jan 15, 2007
Well this map is exactly how a TD should be. The different diffulties are perfect balanced. And nice to see that you fixed all bugs :). This map is perfect for single player and for multiplayer. The secrets and the special waves are full of good ideas. My favorite wave was of course the goblin wave but also the Frenzy DK wave was very funny. I just can recommend this map for everyone who like TDs or who like not TDs because its very well made. I wish you much good ideas and luck for the previous versions. Rate: 10/10
Level 7
Oct 18, 2006
yea i got 4 of then but i did not realise the bunny was there until i killed it so i did not have time also the orc only attacks 1 unit and is slow while the human atatcks 4 and is fast so i think the orc just needs a little bit more speed
Level 15
Jan 31, 2007
Thats right , Humand Towers attack more units and have a higher attackspeed but Orc Towers deal way more damage
I calculated each [damage/second]/costs value to balance the whole map

Human Tower 1 :
6-7 damage , 1,2 attackrate , 10 gold
hits up to 3 units , 100% + 60% + 36% = 196%
=> 1,07 dps/gold

Orc Tower 1 :
15-19 damage , 1,60 attackrate , 10 gold
=> 1.07 dps/gold

Its exactly the same :p of course the low attackspeed is a disadvantage but the human tower also does not hit all 3 units each attack
Level 15
Jan 31, 2007
undead which are pretty crap

Undead Tower 1 :
6-7 damage , 0,65 attackrate , 10 gold
=> 1,00 dps/gold
No disadvantage

still i think its balanced...:)

And i think the existing race Towers are quite enough
But maybe i will add one new ... dunno
i thought the choise of 3 upgradeable ground towers + Antiair Tower at the beginning is ok
Level 15
Jan 31, 2007
*Update* v1.04
-fixed the commands interupting the spawn
-fixed a but with the player colors in the multiboard
-made the corners unbuildable
-enhanced live lost message
-Added Secret Tower
-fixed the rare Critical Error (i hope so , Credits to Hanky for help)

Soo , i hope it is fixed now... :)
didnt had much time to test but some succestfull tests are done
i would be happy about some feedback if its still there
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