Green TD Survival 0.3

Level 5
Feb 19, 2008
This is a small project to make a good Green TD.

Green TD Survival 0.3
This map need a good team to make a "records" many new freatures.

*Infinite last wave with hp increase every 60 seconds
*Leatherboard with team kills in last wave.
*Many magics for summoner
*Instant Upgrade for all towers
*Decrease for all towers
*Interest every 10 seconds
*Only 62KB map size
*Diferent last tower per race(Night Elf, Undead, Orc, Human)
*Can buy itens for summoner
*Everey random time random bonus wave(Air, Ground, Boss)
*52 diferents waves
*Divine waves and chaos towers
*Divine waves only take 1% of sieg damange
*Poison tower with diferent poisons

this is only a test for new project if you like this or have a new idea for map call me.