Achievement TD

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May 4, 2008
So I was bored one day, and I decided to fill up the spare time over the holidays between doing anything interesting I'd do something I used to enjoy quite thoroughly - make TFT maps! So ignoring the fact that most of my friends had uninstalled TFT and moved on, I started making it. I'd done the terrain, had this idea for a map, and told my friend "hey, I've started making a TD." His response was "make an Achievement TD, gogogo". I thought "what a brilliant idea!" and decided to make it. So, behold:

Achievement TD!

Achievement TD currently features over one hundred towers (including upgrades), and more will be implemented in future. Most towers cost achievement points to build and upgrade, as well as gold. Some towers can be won through the "Tower Lottery" feature, and others can drop from bosses and certain units. Items can be built (and in future, possibly, crafted) and given to towers to give them extra powers. Most slowing towers feature a "Random Attack" ability which causes them to fire randomly, increasing the amount of targets the tower can have slowed at one time. Abilities that some other towers possess include Thunder Clap, Shockwave, Mug (bashes and steals gold), and passives such as Critical Strike and Frost Attack.

You can choose between 5 different difficulty modes - Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme and Impossible. Easy is designed to be almost impossible to lose, and Impossible is designed to be almost impossible to win. The modes in between are simply stepping stones.

So what exactly is an achievement? Well, basically, completing miscellaneous tasks unlocks achievements, which reward achievement points and occasionally other rewards based on the difficulty of the achievement. The number of achievements you have is also related to other things such as the strength of certain towers and the strength of your Panda hero on waves 36-38 (I'll explain later :D). Some of the achievements available include earning a certain amount of gold, killing a certain amount of units, completing a special feature of a wave or building a certain combination of towers. As of now there are 35 achievements in-game.

There are 41 waves in total in-game at the moment. A few waves are occupied entirely by cinematics, some by cinematics with a boss mob as well. Some waves have certain special features, though. Here is a list of the special waves in-game at the moment (there is a chance that more may be added in future)

Wave 4: A dwarven rifleman Joe Dynamite is being held captive by a group of hermit crabs, destroying the prison in which he is contained releases him. Help him survive the attack from hermit crabs to rescue him and complete an achievement!

Wave 8: Destroy the box the blood elves are carrying with them to obtain a magical item.

Wave 11: Cinematic, plus an interestingly designed boss fight. The boss will channel a spell to pull the wave spawning portal closer to the end of the maze. Kill him before he can finish casting this spell, or your maze will suddenly become alot smaller!

Wave 16: Rescue a blood elf from an orc chasing him, then choose to either spare his life or kill him. Either choice will yield a reward, but both rewards are completely different.

Wave 22: A cinematic, followed by a dialog box allowing you to choose whether you would like to fight on Arche and Dave's side or Aendri's. The choice you make will effect the next 3 levels of the game.

Wave 23-25: Two sets of mobs will run from either side of the maze and engage in combat in the middle. Your towers must assist the side you have chosen in defeating the opposing team.

Wave 26: A cinematic, followed by a boss.

Wave 27: A cinematic, followed by a damage test

Wave 36-38: You will be given a Panda hero and fight in 3 boss fights without the assistance of your towers. The strength of your hero is based on the amount of achievements you have earned.

Wave 41: The final cinematic.

A main feature of Achievement TD is its storyline. Yes, that's right, a TD with a storyline. Certain points of the tower defense contain cutscenes and cinematics with commentary from the main characters of the storyline based on my friends Dave, Gnollking, Aendri and Lokilokii (and me, as well). But fear not! For players who enjoy this TD often and completely despise the cutscenes after watching them 20 times, there is a No Cinematic mode selectable at startup allowing you to disable the cinematics for the entire course of the game, leaving you to enjoy the TD without delays.

The map:

A: Mobs come from here.
B: Mobs head to here.
C: These buildings list the achievements you have earned, and the achievements you are yet to earn.
D: Item Shop I
E: Item Shop II
F: The bricksmith, which in future will allow you to craft items to give to your towers.

If you have any ideas for towers, achievements or special waves, feel free to say them here. I'll credit and +rep you if I end up using your idea. Due to the nature of the Tower Lottery and achievements, I could keep creating towers in this game forever. Item ideas are also appreciated.

If theres anything I've missed or anything you'd like to know, don't hesitate to inform me/ask! I will hopefully be continually updating this post and answering questions. Hope you look forward to the beta release!

Fun miscellaneous achievements which don't give achievement point rewards, but other stupid things like titles and joke abilities and such. This will not effect gameplay, just give you something to mess around with if you're waiting for something or have some spare time during the game.
More achievements, of course.
Random item drops from mobs and bricksmithing, an ability which will allow you to create items to give to your towers.
More exciting waves!
More ultimate towers.
Increasing the length of tower trees, so that first-level element towers can ascend to level "V" and second-level element towers to level "III".
Range test ability.
Levels with mana, making use of the feedback ability.
Tower abilities and perhaps a 'command centre' with usable abilities on it.
Abilities that are activated at certain achievement levels, some on towers and some on your builder.
New game modes.

Download version v1.10 below:
Official website for the map:

Please report all bugs, suggestions etc to [email protected], OR to this post.

Be warned that there may be a few bugs here and there, but overall this release has seemed stable enough to deem it ready for a release. NOTE: This map is protected!

Enjoy, post feedback here!
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May 4, 2008
Most tower defense games are just completely random or have a rushed plot, such as 'X is attacking Y, so defend Y'. This is a good idea, i would like to see a plot to my favourite game genre.

Check the download link, then :p.

I must admit, the storyline is not a serious one, more of a fun little thing on the side. Most of the jokes are in-jokes from me and my friends :p.

Chatlog from Xfire:
Arche: I just one is going to get the jokes in achievement TD except for us.
Aendri: @(%! 'em.


Do hope you enjoy the map though, download it and see what you think :).
Level 4
May 4, 2008
Hehe. I plan to add achievements such as those as 'bonus achievements', which will not give achievement points but rather stupid, fun rewards such as titles and fun little items and such.

On a more serious note, version v1.01 released! Check the first post for changelog + download.

Feedback is much appreciated! :)
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Jun 23, 2008
I just found 2 bugs:
- when there is level that ally and foe creeps running from both sides, sometimes ally units cant enter into the portal so u need to kill them when u want to finish round
- first minigame - everytime when losing there is a crash error, gg.

Idea is cool, just u need lots of polishement + more towers + more items + more achievements + rush mode
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Apr 24, 2008
Was playing today and found a couple of bugs, On the multi sided event where you pick a side and kill stuff, if you rally your guys to the end of one of the portals you lose a life.

And the game crashed when my friend died as the panda dude against Andiel or whatever his name was.
Level 4
May 4, 2008
Version 1.05 uploaded in first post. Features a damage test on wave 27, balance changes and 4 new achievements. Expect Lottery towers next version, and perhaps traps as well.

I would really appreciate it if everyone who played could post their damage test results here! Trying to get some figures on how much damage everyone is dealing.

Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Map is now uploaded on the hive and this post will no longer be updated with the latest map. Just go here:

Have fun :p
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May 4, 2008
Well, now that I am at a point in map development where feedback is very important I've decided to ressurect this thread to get opinions and such on the latest release.

Version 1.10 was just released this weekend and features the "Bricksmithing" feature, as well as bug fixes and a few drastic balance changes.

I would really appreciate bug and balance reports and replays, or just opinions.

Thanks alot!

Download version v1.10 below:
Official website for the map:
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Feb 7, 2009
Well in my opinion. I would like to see more waves and of course alot more achievements. Ill see if I can think of any achievements for you :p.

Edit: Could you add a command that tells you how many kills you got?
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May 4, 2008

EDIT: Didn't see your response Emilsadar, sorry.

I personally like the number of waves where it is. I have considered increasing it to 45 or 50, but we shall see I suppose :p.

The achievement count is ever-growing, although the number of achievement points available in-game at the moment is quite balanced, and I'm hoping i can retain it somewhere in the area it is now.

Yes, I'll add that command in, but as of lately I have dedicated blank moments in weekends only to updating the map, due to school cramming up the rest of the time. One update a week ain't bad :p.

Thanks for your feedback :D.
Level 4
May 4, 2008
Version 1.11 released!
Achievement TD v1.11 - Warcraft 3 Maps -

Changelog for v1.11
-kc and -gc commands have been added.
The gold gain has been increased very slightly.
Changelog has now been added to the quest menu.
Level II Boring Tower now has splash.
The following towers now deal more damage: Boring Tower, Backwards Tower, Decimation Tower
Level I lottery towers have been removed, Lottery Towers now start at what was previously level II, and now upgrade only once. The gold cost of the lottery ticket has also increased to 325g and the achievement point cost has decreased to 4.
Fixed some tooltips.
New achievements - Serious Face, Oh My God
Several achievement point rewards have had their reward amounts adjusted.
The position the shiny orb moves to before it moves the portal has been changed.
Dave will no longer stomp while dead.
Selling randomly dropped items now adds to the Economist achievement.
New items: Gold Brick, Brick of Sundering
New lottery towers: Phase Tower, Skybeam Tower
Manastorm Towers now have inventories.
Units will no longer keep spawning for Aendri after you die.
The amount of pathing blockers in the map has been dramatically reduced,
decreasing map size and loading times.
The price of the Bricksmithing upgrade has been reduced.
The overall cost of lottery towers has been reduced to make them more worth the risk.
The wave count has been increased to 45.
Wave 39 mobs are now slightly weaker.
You can no longer earn interest from waves 36, 37 and 38.
Health of all mobs slightly reduced.
Manastorm Tower now is focused more on damage and less on bouncing.
Stone of Manic Energy buffed slightly.
All of your units will now be paused when waiting for the dialog box on wave 16,
preventing any bugs from occuring with ability casts.
Fixed numerous problems with Economist achievements duplicating and increasing
the achievement count drastically.
Dummy units will no longer drop items.
Murloc Slime no longer drops.
All item drop rates have been increased.
Dazzling Brick has a shorter duration on normal units and a longer one on heroes.

Feedback/bug reports/ etc are all greatly appreciated!
Level 4
May 4, 2008
Achievement TD v1.13 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
Achievement TD v1.13 - Warcraft 3 Maps -

For any fans of this map, this is PROBABLY the last version, unless any major bugs that need resolution pop up. There has been minimal interest in the map and I no longer particularly enjoy developing it. However, if there are any bugs that people who enjoy this map find, I will still attempt to fix those on weekends where I can be bothered :D.

Hope you enjoy this version!

Pure Nature no longer costs an additional 1000g.
If a computer player is accidentally added he should no longer win the damage test with 0 damage.
You can now lose lives from Minions of Aendri if your portal has been moved by the Shiny Orb.
Buildings now refund in full when cancelled.
The interval that checks for when the next wave should begin has been reduced to stop selling during that interval and earning more interest.
Achievement #42 will now display on the achievements list.
Some unused objects were removed from the game to reduce size slightly.
A bricksmithing guide was added to the quest log.
Items will no longer drop off of Dave, Shade of Arche and Aendri.
New item for the Panda boss fights - Ibos Mask. The chance of getting a net has been reduced slightly. (from 50% to 33%)
Fixed some tooltip errors.
If you have three items in your inventory and use Combine, Break Down will no longer activate.
The Chillwind Tower no longer slows.
Enemies will no longer spawn for computer players.
Custom minimap image added.
The follow waves have had their difficulty reduced: 21, 30, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
Impossible mode no longer exists. The achievement for playing the game on Impossible has been replaced with playing the game on Extreme.
Creating Pure Earth now gives the Ultima achievement.
The size of Minions of Dave and Elite Minions of Dave has been reduced.
Itemized now displays a message when you acquire the achievement.
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Mar 6, 2009
I'd like to note that the Ultima tower achievement didn't fire off for my game.

Me and my friends are trying to get the Spam achievement. We've tried everything from spaming all of the commands to spaming various towers to buying almost every random tower we could to see if there was a spam tower. Is there any hints to how to get the spam achievement?

While you may feel your TD went unnoticed, I must say we've played it over and over again and love it.