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WMW The Next Generation

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Level 3
Feb 22, 2009
I decided to open a new thread for my WMW TNG project so that anyone searching for it can easily find it. See my old map development thread for older versions of the map or even WMW Reborn 9.7 versions.

Things to do:
- Fix attackmessage for the ship
- Add a tournament-edition (when a game ends, there will be another one following without having to restart the game).
- Maybe some sort of voting system... (Lives, Difficulty) , but definitely not for air. Air is part of this game and it's rather weak. So just watch out for air units and build Splash towers when they come and you won't have any problems...
- Ask creator of WMW TE whether it's ok to add a Lifesteal-mode.

Update 21.05.09

Changelog WMW TNG 1.8::
- Increased Tim Latte's splash damage against air units and decreased gold cost from 60 to 55.
- Increased Cenarius's Splash from 0 to 200.
- Increased Satin's Executioner's Damage from 662 to 666.
- Did a lot of bugfixes.
- Heavily improved tooltips.
- Fixed hotkeys.
- Made Strange Race chooseable, but randomers still get the gold bonus.
- Added credits and a small help section.

Enjoy =)

Update 06.05.09

Changelog WMW TNG 1.7d::
- Removed Wander ability from Strange Race's builder. Was a nice joke, but it isn't just annoying it penalises the player and that's not what it was supposed to do. Increased Strange Race's builder's movement speed from 280 to 522(like all the builders have).
- Fixed the sound-problem when units enter the ship. A sound ( :p ) players now when a unit enters the ship.
- Fixed a problem with the triggers that sometimes caused players of team 1 walking into team 1's area to be teleported to red's starting point. They couldn't block the enemies mazes, but a proper working trigger is always better than one that leaks :)

Enjoy and please always give me feedback on my map and changes.

Update 30.04.09

Changelog WMW TNG 1.7c::
- Changed projectile art of Strange Race's Level 1,2,6 towers. Using units as projectiles isn't a good idea... :p
- Increased Max. damage of Strange Race's Level 6 tower.

just a hint: If you're fed up with the penguin walking around use blink or try the "hold position" key...

Enjoy :)

Update 28.04.09

Changelog WMW TNG 1.7b::
- Fixed a bug which caused Strange Race not to be randomed therefore not to be picked at all.

Update #2 27.04.09

Changelog WMW TNG 1.7a::
- Fixed a bug which caused Undead builder to be able to cre8 Strange Race builders.
- Fixed a bug which caused Bomb builder to be able to build Strange Race's Level 2 tower.
Don't know how this happened, but if you find some strange things like that please tell me!

Update 27.04.09

Changelog WMW TNG 1.7::
- Added a new race called "Strange Race" (it really is...^^) and you can only get it by randoming.
Strange Race can build 11 different towers:
Find out about the names yourself ;)
Level 1 Tower: 2 gold
Level 2 Tower: 25 gold
Level 3 Tower: 100 gold
Level 4 Tower: 350 gold
Level 5 Tower: 900 gold
Level 6 Tower: 2200 gold
Level 7 Tower: 8000 gold
Level 8 Tower: 1 lumber
Level 9 Tower: 4 lumber
Level 10 Tower: 15 lumber
Level 11 Tower: 30 lumber
Enjoy :)

Update 26.04.09

Changelog WMW TNG 1.6::
- Added Blink-ability to all builders.
- Made Bomb builder invulnerable, too.
- Increased chance for Headshot from 2.5% to 5%.
- Increased chance for Weapon Jammed from 5% to 10%.
-> Heard some rumours about the 5%-steps in crit. chances. Should be ok by now.
- Added a function which splits up the leaving player's income to his team mates.
- Added a function which ends the game when all players of one team left.

Update 10.04.09
Changelog WMW TNG 1.5a:
- Fixed a bug that caused acid bomb to attack friendly towers with its splash.
- Reduced Flaming Bomb's build time from 3 to 1.
- Reduced Destruction Bomb's build time from 2 to 1.
- Reduced Bomb Squad's build time from 3 to 1.
- Reduced Turret Bomb's build time from 3 to 1.

Update 05.04.09
Changelog WMW TNG 1.5:
- Added Bomb Race again.
- Changed Basic Bomb's gold cost from 10 to 7
- Increased Tank Bomb's base damage from 898 to 1798 and reduced gold cost from 2000 to 1800
- Reduced Destruction Bomb's gold cost from 75000 to 12000
- Increased Nuclear Bomb's cooldown from 1.00 to 1.75 increased base damage from 75000 to 250000
- Increased Hydrogen Bomb's cooldown from 0.15 to 2.5, increased base damage from 115000 to 500000 and added Hydrogen Bomb Explosion(causes Hydrogen Bomb to deal 4x normal damage)
- Added a new tower called 'Bomb Squad'. Its model is the Goblin Sapper unit. Gold cost: 700 | Cooldown: 1.5 | Range: 700 | good splash | Damage: 1600-1650 Siege
- Added a new tower called 'Acid Bomb'. Its model is the Hydralisk. Lumber cost: 1 | Cooldown: 1.0 | Range: 1000 | good splash | Damage: 55000-55550 Chaos
- Fixed bugged upgrade to Hades tower

Update 29.03.09
Changelog WMW TNG 1.4
- Creeps kill just 1 tower when being blocked and not the total maze They go on heading to the next waypoint afterwards.

Update 21.03.09
- Weapon jammed ability works now.
- Headshot works now. Had to increase chance from 2% to 2.5%, but decreased damage multiplier from 10 to 8
- Devil's servant ability works now. Whenever the red number occurs the ability took effect. Bonus damage is NOT displayed!
Bonus damage:
Level 1: 10
Level 2: 50
Level 3: 100
Level 4: 666
Level 5: 1000
Level 6: 2000
Level 7: 10000
Level 8: 100000
- fixed a bug with Tank Trooper. Changed Build cost from 4 to 5 lumber and upgrade cost from 5 to 4 lumber.

Update (16.03.09)
Changelog WMW TNG 1.2:
- fixed a bug which caused that "lumber-unit" didn't get removed. problem was that later you couldn't summon creeps anymore.

Update (14.03.09)
Changelog WMW TNG 1.0:
- Changed the Mapname from WMW Reborn 9.7 to WMW The Next Generation (WMW TNG)
- Creeplimit works as it is supposed to.
- "-noair" does not work anymore
- changed waypoint-areas a little
- decreased Matured Dragon's start stock delay from 600 to 144.

Update (11.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7x
- added a creepcounter-function. It shows the number of living units controlled by the computer players(which the creeps belong to). Depending on the number of players in the game the starting value will be between 2 and 0 for every team. I'm still thinking about a possibility to fix it.
- added a creeplimit which limits the number of creeps on every side to 90. Problem right now is that when the limit is reached creeps still spawn on the right lane, but don't on the left one.

As you can see the new feature does not work as it is supposed to yet... I'll do my best.

Update (08.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7w
- added a function which prevents builders from the upper team to get to the bottom team's area and vice versa.
- changed Air Nest(the upgraded one)'s name to Dragon Roost as it was supposed to be.
- added Matured Dragon again. Increased stock start delay from 80 to 600 seconds, decreased maximum stock from 15 to 10, increased stock replenish interval from 16 to 36seconds
- decreased Fallen Angel's cooldown from 1.00 to 0.5, decreased base damage from 525 to 275
- decreased GOD's cooldown from 3.00 to 0.55, decreased base damage from 500000 to 115000, decreased range from 20000 to 900, added critical strike
- decreased Faith's range from 4000 to 900, decreased cooldown from 0.6 to 0.2, decreased base damage from 500000 to 279900
- corrected Chaotic Seer's upgrade cost from 21 lumber to 23 lumber. Forgot to change that when Chaos Blademaster still cost 4 lumber.
- added Devil race. Check out the map for tower stats.
- added Devil's Servant-ability to Devil race.
- Added Satin's Pet-tower to Devil race.
Enjoy testing Devil race!

Update #3 (07.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7v
- added "-random" function.
Type "-random" to get 2 random builders + 20 extra gold. You get 1 builder of RaceChoice (Beam, Army, GOD, Nightelf) and 1 builder of RaceChoice2 (Clan KiZ, Undead, Warlock, Warrior)

Update #2 (07.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7u
- Eagle Eye now affects all friendly towers within 400 range(don't know how to make it affect only your own towers).
- hopefully fixed Headshot, increased chance from 1% to 2%
- added "Weapon jammed" ability to all army towers. Chance of a jammed weapons is 5%. The tower doesn't deal any damage at all then.
- changed Huntress' projectile art back to normal

Update (07.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7t
- increased Cenarius' cooldown from 0.15 to 0.2 and removed special splash,.
- Eagle Eye now only affects your own towers, decreased range from 900 to 400
- increased Burst Ion Beam's range from 750 to 1200.
- removed Burning Ghost's Crippling Poison ability. Because of splash this ability had no effect.
- Added Headshot ability to all Army Towers. Headshot gives the tower a 1% chance to deal 10 times normal damage.
- increased Grand General's lumber cost from 24 to 27

Update4 (06.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7s
- Increased Huntress' base damage from 1 to 124, increased cooldown from 0.01 to 0.5, decreased range from 4000 to 550, decreased splash from 200/300/0 to 100/200/0
- Increased KiZ.Metz-ger's base damage from 3450 to 3550, increased range from 800 to 1000, decreased cooldown from 0.3 to 0.28
- Decreased Cenarius' base damage from 129000 to 31999
- fixed a bug with Eagle Eye-Ability.
- Decreased Ultimate GOD's lumber cost from 10000 to 5000
- Increased Demon Hunter's cooldown from 0.2 to 0.4 and increased gold cost from 7500 to 10000

Update3 (06.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7r
Had to completely overdo Nightelf-Race because bouncing-attack caused heavy lags (even on good systems) when there were many units in the maze.
- Decreased Huntress' base damage to 1, increased range to 4000, decreased cooldown to 0.01, removed bounce, added splash 200/300/0
- Increased Druid of the Talon's base damage to 359, increased range to 900 and removed bounce
- Increasd Mountain Giant's gold cost from 1500 to 1800.
- Removed Demon Hunter's bounce, decreased cooldown from 0.3 zo 0.2, decreased range from 600 to 200, added splash 0/300/1000 (does 200% Damage within 300 range, and 50% within 1000 range)
- Increased Demon Hunter Transformed's base damage to 66665, increased cooldown from 0.3 to 1.00, removed bounce, change projectile art to Inferno, added splash 400/0/0
- Removed Priestress of the Moon's bounce, added splash 100/200/300
- Removed Cenarius' bounce, added splash 0/100/300 (does 500% damage within 100 range, 75% damage within 300 range), decreased range from 1500 to 750, increased lumber cost from 26 to 30, added 10% command aura within 900 range.
- Decreased Ninja's base damage from 88 to 68
- Increased Ultimate God's lumber cost from 2500 to 10000, increased armor from 0 to 1000, increased points value from 750 to 3000, added Super Life-ability(+ ~1.000.000hp), added Super Devotion Aura(+99999armor), increased movement speed from 270 to 400, increased movement speed minimum from 0 to 400 - should be a game-finisher now...
- Increased Pure Life Essence's point value from 5 wood to 6.

Enjoy testing nightelves!

Update2 (06.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7q
- Increased Faith's lumber cost from 30 to 40 and decreased projectile speed from 5000 to 2000
- Decreased Arch-Angel General's base damage from 12450 to 10450
- Increased Sensi-Focused's lumber cost from 23 to 25

Update (06.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7p
- Decreased Weak Beam's scaling value from 0.9 to 0.8 because it was too big.
- Decreased Lightning Beam's gold cost from 100 to 90
- Decreased Shaman's base damage from 345 to 305
- Decreased Fallen Angel's base damage from 725 to 525
- Increased Arch-Angel's range from 500 to 600
- Increased Orc Farseer's base damage from 14450 to 21450 and decreased range from 950 to 750
- Decreased Undeadlaw's cooldown from 0.65 to 0.45
- Decreased Chaos Blademaster's cost from 3 lumber to 2 lumber and 50k gold
- Increased Sensi's range from 350 to 450
- Decreased Nig-Ger's cooldown from 0.25 to 0.15, decreased base damage from 40000 to 28000, decreased range from 1300 to 1000 and increased HP from 500 to 2500
- Increased Burning Ghost's range from 965 to 1200 and decreased base damage from 42000 to 38000
- Increased Ghost's splash from 25/50/75 to 125/175/200
- Increased Necrolyt's gold cost from 270 to 400, increased splash from 20/0/0 to 100/0/0, increased base damage from 200 to 350 and decreased cooldown from 0.7 to 0.5
- Decreased Mazin Rock's HP from 1000 to 1
- Increased TimLatte's HP from 500 to 2500
- Increased Abuser[Ger]'s splash from 50/0/0 to 150/0/0
- Increased GOD's base damage from 40000 to 500000, decreased cooldown from 1.00 to 3.00, added critical strike and increased projectile speed from 2000 to 5000
- Increased Tank Trooper's base damage from 110000 to 125000
- Increased Demon Hunter Transformed's base damage from 14590 to 19590
- Increased Faith's base damage from 225000 to 500000, increased cooldown from 0.30 to 0.45 , increased combat - acquisition range from 1800 to 20000, increased range from 1200 to 4000, increased projectile speed from 2000 to 5000, added critical strike, increased lumber cost from 25 to 30 and changed projectile art from Kodo, Troll headhunter,etc. to Starfall
- Removed Orc Elite's spell immunity because Sharp Shooters couldn't attack it(magic damage).
- Increased Demon Hunter's range from 400 to 600.
- Decreased Fin-Ger's cooldown from 0.5 to 0.4

UPDATE (05.03.09)
Changelog WMW Reborn 9.7o:
- Increased GOD(tower)-range to 20000 and decreased damage to 40000
- Decreased Faith's cooldown to 0.30 and increased damage to 225000
- Decreased Fallen Angel's cooldown to 1.00 and decreased gold cost to 500
- Increased Archangel General's range to 700
- Increased Shaman's damage to 345

Starting Post:
Hey everybody. I'm trying to release a new version of WMW Reborn which shall be more balanced than the previous ones. Also i tried to make the races themselves more unique. I think some changes really contribute to this aim and others really don't...

I took Abuser[Ger]'s WMW Reborn 9.6b as basic concept.

Things I changed:

- Removed all races except for Undead, KiZ, Warlock, Warrior, GOD, Beam, Nightelves, Army because many races were a lot worse than others.
- Upgrading towers now costs less.
example: You got a Grunt and want to upgrade it to a Raider. You have to pay:
Raider cost - Grunt cost. Like in MMW...
- Medium-Splash and Small Splash works now.
- Fixed known sellbugs.
- Did some balancing stuff...
- increased 1st Level Towers' hp to 2500 so they won't be struck down by creeps in one hit when building new towers. (occured quiet often)
- increased Towers' hp to at least 2500 no matter which level they are.
- increased Raider gold cost to 100 and made a higher cooldown.
- increased Warlock damage.
- increased Chaos Blademaster damage
- Soul(Undead) is renamed Lost Soul because God race also has a Soul-Tower
- Increased cost of Lost Soul to 75
- Increased Necrolyt damage.
- Decrased Ghost cost to 2000 and increased damage.
- decreased banshee gold cost to 10000.
- increased damage of dreadlord.
- increased damage and lumber cost of burning ghost.
- decreased cost and damage of Tim Latte. Gave him tiny air splash.
not all to sure what else I changed about Kodo[BLK]...
- added crippling poison ability to orcs_and_elves
- way decreased damage of fin-ger
- decreased cost of Undeadlaw and increased damage.
- increased attackspped and damage of KiZ.Metz-ger
- heavily increased damage of lag-ger and added crit + crippling poison
- increased damage of nig-ger
- decreased Ninja's attackspeed and damage and gold cost
- added crippling poison to Berserker
- increased gold cost of Master
- increased damage of Sensi
- Nightelves now have the bouncing ability (only Mountain Giant has still Splash). Wanted to increase the numbers of targets the major towers can hit, but caused heavy lags. Attacks bounce once and do 70% damage to the second target.
- Nightelves now don't have damage-range anymore. They inflict the same amount of damage with every strike because of their accuracy.
- Decreased Archer gold cost to 8 gold. Decreased damage, range and cooldown. added bounce.
- removed Huntress' splash, but added bounce. increased damage.
- increased Druid of the Talon's damage. added bounce
- increased Mountain Giant's range. Heavily decreased attack speed, but also heavily increased damage. added good splash.
- increased damage of Demon Hunter. Added bounce & critical strike. increased gold cost
- increased damage of Demon Hunter Transformed. added bounce.
- increased lumber cost of Priestess of the Moon. Increased damage and decreased cooldown. added bounce.
- increased damage of Cenarius. Added bounce.
I didn't change too much about Beam because cooldown is always 0.00 or 0.01 and i know for sure most beam towers don't shoot that fast. Seeing other towers dealing slower damage, but having an equal cooldown i don't know on what the real attackspeed depends and what value the cooldown really has. (animation backswing and damage point are at 0.000)
- heavily decreased damage and gold cost of Dark Beam.
- added a new tower called Darker Beam for 5.000 Gold and with 1000 damage. Its model is Kel'Thuzad in lich-form. Darker Beam is just a stronger version of the old Dark Beam and Dark Beam had to be weakened to have a Beam tower for mid-lategame. Before there was only Wind beam(650) and Dark Beam(5000) which wasn't worth the 5000 at all! So there was a huge gap between the Wind Beam(650) and Ultimate Beam(20.000)
- increased Ultimate Beam's range.
- decreased damage of Ion Cannon. (also removed requirement of Ultimate Beam)
- heavily increased damage of Burst Ion Cannon, but took splash away (removed requirement of Ultimate Beam)
- Decreased gold cost of Soul to 7 and added crit and tiny splash.
- decreased damage and attackspeed of Fallen Angel.
- decreased damage and attackspeed of Arch-Angel.
- increased damage of Ultimate Angel and added critical strike.
- heavily increased damage of archangel-general.
- heavily increased damage of GOD. Added huge splash.
- increased range of Faith.
- heavily increased damage and attackspeed of Pistol recruit. Decreased gold cost to 7.
- increased damage and attackspeed of MP5-Recruit, but decreased range.
- added a new tower called Flamethrower Recruit. Its model is the Firelord.
Gold cost: 250 | Range: 350 | Cooldown: 0.25 | high splash | Damage: 67-167 Chaos
- changed Sharp Shooter damage-type to magic. heavily increased damage & range. also decreased cooldown.
- added a new tower called Shotgun Soldier. Its model is the mortar team.
Gold cost: 3000 | Range: 450 | Cooldown: 1.00 | average splash | Damage: 4350-4800 Siege
- heavily increased gold cost(10000), damage and attackspeed of M4Soldier.
Changed damage-type to Chaos.
- heavily increased gold cost(1lumber), damage and attackspeed of Super Soldier.
- replaced Grand General-Tower by a new Tower: Tank Trooper. Its model is a steam tank.
Lumber cost: 5 | Range : 2500 | Cooldown: 1 | HUGE SPLASH!!! | Damage: 111000-113960 Chaos
- renamed Grand General -Pure to Grand General
- readded Ultimate GOD to Dark Fortress.
- fixed problem with Eternal Spirit who blocked creeps and caused that creeps attacked the maze.

Please note that I didn't post all changes I did because I don't know some of them anymore. I did some changes some weeks before and i don't remember them anymore. Also in the beginning I didn't plan on doing a big overhaul so I didn't make a changelog.
From now on I will of course make a changelog to keep you up to date what was changed in the latest version.

I want to add a "-random" function which gives the player 2 random builders but only 1 builder of every group.
groups are:
melee: warrior, warlock, undead, kiz
ranged: nightelves, beam, god, army
The group names aren't the best to choose I know... Melee races have some Melee towers and the important thing about them is that they have poison attacks.
Ranged races have nothing but ranged towers with special abilites such as critical strike, splash, bounce, low cooldown different damage types,etc.
Could use some help with that...

I want to add unit-limit (about 90 or so I think) that limits the amount of units every side can summon to 90, but I want the players to be able to summon more units for income. Units summoned after the 90th shall not spawn anymore. (stucking creeps are a huge problem in wmw 9.6b)
Could use some help with that...

Please tell me what you liked/disliked about that map and give me hints at bugs and how to balance wmw reborn 9.7 even more. Tell me which towers are too strong and which too weak.

P.S. I just disabled the other races and didn't delete/remove them. I found out theres plenty races in wmw of earlier versions that are just disabled.
I concentrated on balancing these 8 races and I try to focus on them first.
Maybe I'll add and balance races from previous versions in later versions.


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Level 3
Apr 14, 2008
Could you give Yellow and blue a bit more Income?
If teal and red / orange and purple are pros, they'll never leak and yellow is having a hard time with upgrading / income.
Level 3
Feb 22, 2009
LTGH said:
King Bushido said:
Yeah, haven't played all, still this one is the best for me.
Air is to "imba"? yeah right, it's the easiest thing and still people cry "no air plzzzzzz"
I've played it today and only the late game laggs (for me)
it starts when I send upper being.
If all players in your team spam 10 air each without the other team is ready, its already game over. I won in less them 10 min using that tactic 3 times.

wSk_Avatar said:
I've got an pretty average computer (Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 4096MB DDR2-667, ATI RADEON HD3850X2) and I don't have any problems with lagging ever. So if you have a bad computer then lower your screen resolution and texture details. WC3-engine isn't made for games like this and in big mazes it really consumes a lot of ressources regarding the fact that it's almost 10 years old by now.

I didn't do any colour-things with the creeps. If there are errors they have been there before I edited the map and changing the tooltips is a time-consuming and boring work because for every tooltip you change you have to wait about 20 seconds or so until the computer finished editing. I rather use the time for making important changes than fixing such little bugs.

I don't even know what "one side mode" is... Also in my map development thread I posted I wouldn't make a "no air mode" because air is part of this map and it's rather easy to handle with, but im working on a voting system for other things.
Lag can appear even for people with really good computers. And this map isnt that big, i have seen bigger. But when you play maps that have leaks in the triggers, everyone will start lag the more you play. Also i noticed that everyone complained on lag but the host never lagged himself, that only happens when i play this map and it happens when my friend hosts too. Tryed in Garena and battle.net.

And when your the orc race your to strong at the start, specially when you choose random and get it. You can build an entire maze when everyone else only can buy like 3-5 towers. Maybe make them a little stronger and make them cost a few gold more (maybe 2g).

1st: It isn't my problem if you spam 60 flyers and the enemy team isn't ready. It's also not your problem. It's the enemy team's problem and if they don't build towers that can kill that many air units it's their own fault because it definitely is possible and it's easy, too. Air is part of this game so you have to prepare for it. This is something that separates the wheat from the chaff and I've got to mention it again, killing baby dragons really is easy. If there are 60 flyers coming just build some slow towers in their way(e.g. very near to the waypoint where they are supposed to be anyway) and build 2-5 splash towers(depending on the level) around the waypoint. If there are ground units in your maze then pick all splash towers and attack manually. I won't make the game boring for good players because some others are too lazy to do some clicks...

2nd: Lag doesn't depend on the size of the map. The map size is just a relevant factor when downloading it because bigger maps last longer to download. I've never experiend lag so far and I haven't heard anyone complaining about lags...

3rd: Criticism is a good thing and appreciated, but only if it helps. Don't tell me that the game lags without telling me why. Don't tell me that my triggers leak without telling me what the problem is. If you don't tell me exactly what didn't work at a particular time when you did the things you did I can't to anything to change it. Please give me all the information you can so that I can try to fix it...

4th: I want the players randoming their races to be in advantage because it's a bigger challenge if you can't choose a combo you like. It also gets you more into the map and you learn to play with every race and you develop new strategies. Also random is an important function for the map not to get boring that fast.

5th: Players using up all their money in the first round to build towers haven't found out how the game works anyway so that is not a point for me. In the first round you need 2-3 towers at max. If you use up all your money without randoming from the first round for towers you can build 9 towers with melee races and this should kill all creeps coming in the first 6-8 rounds so this is complete nonsense. Build 2-3 towers at the start at important locations(around your waypoint and at best blocking the way to the next waypoint so that the creeps longer have contact to your tower --> it can hit them more often). They will kill all Scouts coming your way and you can spend the rest of your gold summoning Scouts yourself to increase your income. If you built well 3 towers are enough to kill all peasants coming your way in round 2 and 3 and you can push your income by sending more units. This has 2 positive effects: Your income rises fast and you got more gold to spend for again sending creeps or for improving your maze. Also your enemies have to spend more money building towers to defend their lives against your creeps and therefore can send less creeps to harm your lives.
You need to ask yourself: where's the sense in building 9 towers at the start? What do you win? If the creeps don't even pass the second tower of your 9 tower maze that's totally ineffective especially when you think of the fact that they have to pass almost every tower of your maze twice(in and out). Try to find a good way between spending gold for upgrading and spending gold for sending creeps. A good tactic is to start improving your maze when the enemy team's creeps reach the middle of your maze. So you always have a good buffer.

I hope this helped you a bit and you can help me next time with giving more detailed information :)

@King_Bushido: I was confronted with that problem by other players on BNet, too and I try to think of a solution. Because of that I always play 2on2 and not 3on3... :p I'll see what I can do.

Melee towers aren't better than ranged towers. In the very beginning it's more useful to build a melee tower than a ranged tower but it's the mix of both that makes a good maze. If you have a good maze one single ranged tower can do a lot more damage than a melee tower ever could because the ranged tower's advantage is its range. So try to keep the creeps as long as you can withing your towers range to inflict more damage on them. Slow towers really help to achieve this aim. Use your melee towers at the corners and turns of your maze because these are the points where they can inflict most damage (creeps have to walk a long way around them) and place slow towers on strategic positions (normally slow towers are melee towers --> build them at the corners and turns of your maze).
If you can't imagine how this could look like just watch a replay of me playing WMW. This should give you some ideas on how to use your towers the right way and how make a good start into the game.
Level 17
Jun 9, 2007
All i want is more modes. It is always good to have modes and its not hard at all.
If you want to play without flying units just remove the flying Unit shop.
Why not make modes insted of just saying "Its not my problem..." if your the map developer it is your problem. You should listen to the people that actually wants to play this map and give you ideas.
You dont have to listen at all and im pretty sure your going to ignore what im saying now but think about it please. Listen to what people want, that is what makes a map better.
Level 3
Feb 22, 2009
I wanted to create a better version of WMW Reborn 9.6b and in my opinion air belongs to this game. I can't make it right for everyone and I'll take the risk losing the "no air players".

As you can see above i'm thinking about adding some voting options e.g. lives, difficulty.

I don't ignore what you say, LTGH, but I just don't want this map without air. I'm sorry, but this map isn't a map for everyone, it's a map for (skilled) WMW players looking for some challenge and some balance.
If you want a no-air-version then you'll be happier with WMW Reborn 9.6b or WMW TE.
If you want to play this version you got to evolve your gameplay and open up to new ways of mazebuilding that include killing air units.
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Jun 9, 2007
Well, i am skilled (dont trying to say that im better then anyone else but i have a few years experience in WMW) and i dont say that you should remove flying units, just make a simple command "-no air" for player red and all the air buildings is gone. Its the easiest thing ever to do AND more players might continue playing this.
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Feb 22, 2009
I won't add this function though I know it's easy to add.
A little bit this map is for me and I hope there are more guys like me out there so I'm not totally alone with my point of view of this. I hate it when I create maps and everyone wants me to type -noair even in my own versions.
Please don't tell me to write it in the gamename or somewhere else. Despite the fact that lots of people like WMW very few games are hosted. Whenever people see WMW or MMW anywhere they instantly join without reading the game name. They don't care about "no noobs", "no dl", "with air",etc.
I often host my map in BNet using the gamename "WMW TNG 1.x download only". I also use VCK as an autorefreshing tool and my games include Observers. My bots are namend like: DownloadOnly, JustDownload, LeaveAfterDL, Game_No_Go, No_Map_start,PlzRehostMap and rejoin every 10 seconds. Do you think anyone would read any of this? They join my game and don't stop spamming "go" even those in the Observer team. They don't have any clue what kind of game they're in and they don't want to know. They don't read the gamename, they don't read the bots' names, they don't even realize that they're in the Observer-team. When I tell them that it's DL only they don't leave except for me kicking them. If they realize after 30 minutes of waiting that I won't start the game they call me "gay fucker". I just can shake my head about these kind of people and most WMW players are that kind of players.
So I can't use the gamename or any other thing standing in my might to make a noair game without being flamed. Maybe the message will spread that WMW TNG is with air and only people who play with air will join.
See it as one of the specialities my version has. My version has a "-random"-mod, my version is (hopefully) more balanced than many versions out there, my version is a version without no-air-command.

I'm really glad to hear ideas that come from all of you, but I don't want to add everything just to have everyone play the map. This map is for all players who don't want a no-air game (which is in my opinion totally boring because no one dies before Upper Beings and when it comes to Upper Beings all "no-air-cryers" who in 90% of causes play warlock-only are likely to die) and who want a balanced gameplay.
If I create a WMW which has all the features other WMWs have why should anyone play my version? What would make my version unique and different from other WMWs?

edit: I don't want to blame anyone who dislikes air, but there are lots of WMW players out there calling you "air noob",etc. when you send air. I refered to them when I was talking about "no-air-cryers". It's ok for me if you like versions without air more than versions with air, but my WMW is with air.
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