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Hadezown Td Ice

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Level 6
Jul 29, 2005
Hello everyone, apparently many have been waiting impatiently for an update of the original map. Well ive finally got on my butt and started working on a major update for the map. It will be released in late June.
A new series of towers, tower improvements and more awaits players in a challenging defense, Hadezown Td: Ice Edition

-Map Description-
For those who havent played my original, Hadezown Td is a test of teamwork and strategy. It requires a player to use more than one or two towers to defeat all 30 levels. There are many types of enemy levels such as fortified, magic immune, high-regeneration, auto-healing, and of course hybrid, which can only be defeated by usuing specific towers. The update will bring in even more enemy level types, and more unique towers to defeat them. Finding the perfect combination of towers is crucial, as this tower defense tests your ability to adapt.

Heres a photo of some new towers and abilities.

Updates and Fixes:
- New series of ice towers
- New series of trap towers that can be layed on the path of enemy units
- Hybrid tower will be remade into a Hybrid Avenger that has a more effective ability at destroying hybrid levels
- Old towers will be remade with new models and abilities
- Larger variety of enemy types to destroy: ice armored units, fire armored
- New level list that will show the level types of upcomming levels
- Custom ability icons
- More Mastery towers
- Many towers that were weak in the original have been buffed up and made more useful
- So, so much more!

I may need some beta testers, so just give me a shout if your up to the job. You may contact me at [email protected]
Regards to all,

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Level 16
Oct 30, 2004
I've played the original hadezow td and it gets bloody hard after lets say 10 levels. It's already hard to keep your own lane clean, so beating the map would require a very skilled team, and I dont see that happening on public bnet games. That fact would make your map impossible to beat, and who likes to play a map you know you cant beat? I would suggest you lower the difficulty for this 'hadezow td ice' so good players could keep their lanes clean easier and also help others making the game beatable.
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