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World of Towers [ WOT ]

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Feb 12, 2008
Hello everyone
I have just started this map a few days ago and it's still in idea stage but for the towers i had the major towers planned out , this thread will expand as time flies , currently i'm making towers , right now i created about 18 kinds of tower , each with unique ability.
Map Name : World of Towers [ WOT ]
Creator : Bringers of Map [ Clan BoM ]
Short Description :
This map World Of Towers will bring players to a package where the host can choose over 6 modes. They are Classic , Survival , Race , Protect The Guy , Maul and Tower Wars. Featuring over 35 kinds of tower each have an unique ability. Players have access to special features like Bank , a variety of commands like skipping levels in Race or making towers that isn't your own to be sold and return to it's owner.
Using Hostfinder , the host has much more choice , able to choose whether a path is needed or players can freely maze. This tower defence will also feature Heroes , if the Host enables it. Each hero will have atleast 2 custom abilities and have access to boost their stats using gold.

Modes : ------------------------
Classic : Regular Tower Defence , can be a Team TD or a Solo TD.
Race : This is a Solo TD , players who finished their level first will proceed to the next level faster than the rest , a short timing of 10 seconds will be given in between levels but players can choose to skip.
Survival : Similiar to Green TD , there are no lives but if the number of creeps in the map exceeds a certain value , the Team will lose.
Protect The Guy : A Square map with 4 spawns , The guy will be the host by default but the host can let other players to be the Guy if they are willing to within the first 30 seconds of the game.
Maul : Should be Familiar right ? , 4 spawns and all the creeps will move to the center , the host will be the last defender

Users Suggestions :
Set up with 2 teams

The creeps keep running without pause in waves, make them difficult to kill on low levels, but there wouldnt be a penalty for leaking.
The object is theres 2 bases, every 5 creep a team kills creates a spawn for your team which is sent to your enemies base.
The more creeps killed, the more spawns for your side so it almost turns into an AoS tower war thing.
Players get to upgrade their spawns but will cost a lot , there will be a gold generator similiar in autumn crossing.

The object would be to destroy your opponents base.

Towers : -----------------------

This section is available for everyone's suggestion , every suggestion counts and i do really appreciate cause my mind isn't that brilliant =)

Physical Towers ( Damage only , No special ability ) :
Tower Name - Short Decription

Arrow Tower - Classical and backbone of all Tower Defences , able to deal good damage to single targets.
Cannon Tower - Bombarding tower which is able to deal splash damage , good for cluster of enemies.
Anti Air Tower - Classical Tower , takes down Air units quickly ( No Splash )
Speed Tower - Fast attacking tower. ( Low Damage )
Long Range Tower - As the name says so , able to clear up leaks. ( Slow Attack )
Damage Tower - Able to deal high damage but has a slow attack.
Glaive Tower - Blades are able to jump from a unit to the other.
Multi Shot Tower - Able to take down multiple targets.
Meele Tower - Very Strong but is meele.

Ability Tower ( Ability-Wise , not suitable for doing a lot of damage ) :
Web Tower - Brings Air unit down.
Stun Tower - Good for bosses.
Rod Tower - Decreases creep's hp by 1% per hit.
Gold Tower - Extra gold if this tower gives the killing blow
Sensory Tower - No Attack but detects invisible units.
[ More to come. ]

Elemental Tower ( Variety of towers from being supportive to being massive ) [ All Elemental towers have elemental damage ] :
Cold Tower - Slows down cluster of units.
Flame Tower - Like Cannon tower, more damage but has slower attack.
Poison Tower - Slows down Single targets.
Lightning Tower - Able to attack ground and air. Does Splash to Air units only but have lower damage compared to Anti Air Tower.
Death Tower - Able to kill a unit in a single shot ( Does not affect bosses )
Holy Tower - Extra damage to summoned and undead units.
[ Much more to come. ]

Combined Tower ( Requires two towers to be built in order to build this tower ) [ PLANNED ONLY ] :
Sniper Tower - Takes down single units quickly , have critical strike. [ Requires Damage Tower 5 and Long Range Tower 5 ]
Fast Cannon Tower - Takes down small clusters of units very quickly. [ Requires Canon Tower 5 And Speed Tower 5 ]
Aerial Meele Tower - Like Meele Tower but now can hit air units [ Require Meele Tower 5 and Anti Air Tower 5 ]
Massive Tower - Able to take down an enormous amount of units , have multi-shot ability but deals a lot of damage [ Requires Arrow Tower 5 , Glaive Tower 5 , Multi Shot Tower 5 ]

Aura Tower ( Gives positive bonus to towers and negative buffs to creeps ) [ PLANNED ONLY ] :
Positive --------------
Attack Aura - Gives bonus damage to towers.
Speed Aura - Gives additional attack speed to towers.
[Any other kind will require GUI or JASS like an aura to increased attack range]

Negative ------------
Slow Aura - Slows nerby units.
Immolation Aura - Deals damage to nearby units
Armor Break Aura - Decreases the armor of nearby units
Corruption Aura - Decreases nearby units' hitpoint by 1% every 2 seconds

SpellCaster Tower [ IDEA STAGE ] :

Custom Towers [ IDEA STAGE ] ( The ones you can put cannons into it's inventory slot. Like battleships or battletanks ) :

Traps [ IDEA STAGE ] ( Walkable structures )
Hold Trap - Holds the target.
Immolation Trap - Deals burning damage
Clams Trap - Deals massive amount of damage and holds the target.
Lightning Trap - Casts Chain Lightning

[ As Time Flies this post expands =) ]
Cheers =)
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