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Skill Talent System

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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here you can see a Skill system where you can choose your talents (now it are just stats but editing is really needed to use this for your own map) when you level up you will gain a new stat bonus

i am new this is my first resource

Skill Talent System (Map)

Thank you for your submission, sluk. However, please, please read the Spell Submission Rules before making a submission. You break a lot of the rules:
  • Spells must have an in-game screenshot and an adequate description.
  • Spells must be useful. Extremely simple, cinematic, or other spells which have no place in a game will not be accepted.
  • The spell/system must be leakless. If you do not know what leaks are, please take a read at this great tutorial
  • Spells must be MUI and MPI, meaning that they can be casted by multiple units owned by multiple players without bugs.
  • Systems must be as instance-able as possible. Instance-ability will often depend on the type of system.
  • Users have to be able to configure your spell to their liking. Don't make spells that are hard-coded and only work in one configuration. Allow users to configure things like damage, Area of Effect, special effects, damage type, attack type, etc...
  • Spells and systems must have decent importing instructions.
  • You must post your spell's triggers in the spell's description.
I appreciate you for taking the time to make a Submission for the Hive, but I will be setting this to Awaiting Update for now until you tackle all the big issues.