Level 8
Jun 25, 2007
Ok, its my map Silvermoon... Its a melee map with more than 4 races.

I will present you my race:

High Elves:
The elves have not the strongest units but th have great ability in magics and hidding, they are the perfect ally to support.

Blood Elves: These elves are more agressive than the High Elves, their magics are more for damaging units than support.

Troll: The trolls is good, they have pratictly just ranged unit and their units are not so strong but they don't cost many gold.

Demon: The demons have probably the strongest units but they cost very very gold.

Dalaran (Wizard): They have magics, powerful magics and they can easily destroy a base but, at the start they are very slow to attack, good support race if you want an ally.

Naga: The naga are like the demons, they have strong units but their units are cost many gold.


It's all of my races and the dwarves are coming.


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