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  • Hi i have one ask to you. Could you upload the prince kael'thas model from your map silvermoon? I will give to you + rep
    Greetings Elven_God,
    I have observe your Terrains and its very good. really very good. I decided to recruite you as our Lead Terrainer. You are going to edit, replace, and beautify Terrain for the project.Terrain is the number one demand for our project. If possible we ask your little-little-little time for the project.Though I do not expect that 100% of the time you would be working for this project. We will give you time to make it.
    Our goal is to make 100% Epic maps for people to enjoy anytime they want. If you are asking, "What would I do?" You would just simply provide us terrains for the campaign and Hero Defense Map that needs to be edited, replace, and beautify in our projects to be used in the Project.
    If you have any more questions, please feel free to Private Message / Visitor Message me. You would not regret in joining this project.I tell you my friend. With your help it would be 100% Epic , 100% fun.

    For the Glory of the Hivest!

    Admiral Jack
    Always remember you can ask me for a suggestion or a map test for Silvermoon :) just tell me the news about the map and i'll be happy ^.^
    The fix is released, don't know if i'll be able to finish the next version (I work on the Burning Legion) anyway, after long time, here it is.
    hello, Elven_god, long time no talk uh? Please, could you upload the Silvermoon fix? i would like to see it. i Could be of some help
    Sorry for long re-post, isn't really here these times. Anyway, fell free to use the spell in your map, no need to give credit.
    Hi Elven_God, I guess you have seen the custom race competition is under way.
    I was just wondering, after seeing your map. If you would be interrested in being a judge in the custom race competition?

    EDIT: Never mind the above, it has been taken care of.
    I got a diffrent question. Would it be okey if I use the spells the Arcanist has (found in your Silvermoon 3.00 map) in my map?
    Credits will be given if they are used.
    Hey, i have a problem, i am new compared with you in Hive so, i do not know how to send you the map. Ah, one more thing, you said that you have an updated version, in that version you said you have changed some things and fixed some stuff, could you aply these changes to the map that i have to send you? I'm sorry if i ask too much, i know you have more things to do.
    I think I remember seeing you around in the forums.
    Happy birthday :wink:
    i cant find the program you have adviced me for changing borders of icons
    can you show me where i find it or give me a link where i cand download it plz

    Mfg, MeEsA
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