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Chronicles of Anus'Valien

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Feb 14, 2008
this is basicly a micro/macro strategy map. you get units automatically from barracks(money/food free units). but a limited amount per barracks. by techning your barracks along you can get different kinds whether its along a certain path like say power, or you want a more broad range of units.

to get barracks u need food, to get food u gotta claim land and fortress. so as the game goes on the demand for food becomes greater and greater. to tech a barracks u also need gold(gold income is constant at 1g per 1-2min.) but the greater demand is food supply to support said barracks.

while land is importnant for small amounts of food, the forts are incredibly importnant. each fort supplys a different amount of food, has different abilitys whether its a aura, spell, or summon. also the most beneficial part is that claiming a fort gives you a tech. for example claiming a fort called "the pit" allows you to get special techline that isnt allowd unless you have it.

also each race has their own versions of special techlines and you can pick your race at the beginning.

The human: the idea with the humans are like "vast potential". singlely the humans are weak. but if you tech broadly then you come ou wiht a balanced race. while they lack (barely) in ranged, they make up for it in slightly increased magic and melee capablitys.

the orcs: the idea with the orcs are strong warriors that get buffed up a lot more. they have almost NO ranged capablitys, not rly any offensive or defense magic, but more buffing magic with very strong soldiers.

the undead: the idea with thse guys is "outnumber by 10-1" and "get back up so i can kill ya again" because that is what they do! they have almost NO ranged capability but make up for it in massive melee and medium magic. their magic revolves around mild buffs of some kind and ressurection. their melee is all about outnumbering the enemy and not staying dead. you kill a zombie and it turns to a ghoul, kill that it turns to skeleton, kill that it becomes a spirit. every melee unit is weak technically, but just doesnt know how to stay dead! they are accompanied by a few strong units. and their melee units do have very mild fighting skills such as poison and such.

other races i have planned.

united elves: these guys basicly consist of different things. this race has probbaly the strongest ranged capablitys, with very little melee strength and strong magic/anti-magic.

dwarves: these guys are incredibly strong with melee and ranged, because they have absolutely no magicians of any kind. their ranged technically arent as strong as the elves, but they make up for all of that with incredibly tough soldiers and mechs.

naga and forgotten races:
basicly these are three seperate forgotten races that have joined together. i might make them seperate races later but right now their joined. the nerubians revolve around hit and run, because there are no nerubian buildings. instead their buildings walk as soldiers that create eggs to turn to soldiers. and the egg queen things are incredbily weak so staying on the move is importnant. the draenei aspect of the race is in hit and run, and assasination. they are very weak, very few, and are permanently invsible. the draenei side does have decent magic that will count when it matters most, but these are not front line soldiers. the strongest in brute force would be the naga part. they are all about smashing little things below their feet (tentacle leg things) they are incredibly few, and have decent magic and ranged. but have like no melee when it comes to numbers. but they will die surrounded by their kill sicne their so strong.

like i said early u can get different special kinds along with each of these races, that can be gained by taking particular forts. like if your undead and you take a fortress with the overall theme of dark magic or death. then you can make a special barracks that can be considered "pure undead". same with other races. at the same time you can mix races like if dwarves take a pure magic themed fort (think dalran kind of theme) then they can get actual mages. basicly midgets i think like gnomes. but just 1-2 along that particular "special barrakcs" techline.

before you ask for the beta know this. i havent even started making the unit lines yet. me and my friend are taking turns and he has been doing terrain since we started about 2 weeks ago. and still aint finished (BIG MAP). when he is done i will start putting all this in. which should take a month or two at my pace. all this is just planned and will be changed if i see fit.

now whatta think? feel free to ask questions and comment. :)
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