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Sharpshooter Online v1.20b m0.3

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is a crude mod to the map Sharpshooter Online v1.20b by xXx-Tricky-xXx here on Hive Workshop to add more characters than just the Rifleman.

The original map is located here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/sharpshooter-online-v1-20b-98378/

To pick a different character to play in-game you must select you race in the game lobby before the host presses start. Here's what each race determines your character as:

Human - Marine
Orc - Space Fel Orc
Undead - Goblin Sniper by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
Night Elf - Rifleman

Goblin Sniper model is located here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/goblin-sniper-135773/

This small modification was made by me. :D Enjoy~
And a HUGE thanks to xXx-Tricky-xXx for making this map. I wish that you'd continue work on it. :'(

Also: If you like this map, go and +rep xXx-Tricky-xXx.

fps, first, person, shooter, modern, war, warfare, rifle, rifleman, dwarf, goblin, orc, human, marine, sniper, sharpshooter, shooter, gun, gunner, gun

Sharpshooter Online v1.20b m0.3 (Map)

14:18, 1st Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected



Level 5
Apr 14, 2008
Do you have permision to edit this resource? Otherwise its a rule violation.
Level 3
May 1, 2008
"Anyone who wants the unprotected version due to curiosity or the interest of editing the map may email me at [email protected] or just private message me here on the forums."

Quoting xXx-Tricky-xXx on his resource submission. I have an uprotected version, and I edited it. Which is what he offered in the case that someone was interested.

EDIT: Also, the download on that page is now unprotected. You no longer require messaging xXx-Tricky-xXx personally. I assume this is because it has been "paused" or "ended". Because it hasn't been updated in approximately 6 months.
Level 9
Jun 3, 2009
Very cool map!! like the whole idea of a fps for warcraft, its a little bit hard to control though :D