Shadowed Maze(This may be easy)

Level 3
Oct 7, 2009
What I am hoping to introduce into my map is that element of Oh #$% where did that come from. To that end I would like to build a small maze area but keep it under the FoW so that only the area directly around heroes are visibile. Using light sources come later. Thus the FoW needs to refresh. I'm talking about the dark black unexplored area you get at the start of melee maps. I would also like it only in the area of the maze the rest of the map being un-affected

What this would allow is for my roamming Boss + Posse` to come out of nowhere and jump the players as they try and solve the maze. Also because you can only see around yourself you wouldn't know which way is safe to kite or retreat.

The best exmaples I can give is. Stuff like UO Destard, Legends of MIR WoomaTaurus.
Level 25
Aug 18, 2009
Problem? There is
native SetFogStateRect takes player forWhichPlayer, fogstate whichState, rect where, boolean useSharedVision returns nothing
, there is
native CreateFogModifierRect takes player forWhichPlayer, fogstate whichState, rect where, boolean useSharedVision, boolean afterUnits returns fogmodifier.

You would just have to enwrap your region in FOG_OF_WAR_MASKED-modifiers.