SC2 War3HD Crypt Lord and Scarab

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Yo! Cryplord model finally coocked :D , like other ones I tried to make him look best possible, for his portrait I did a new trick, it was a bit hard to relocate all the vertices from the face, I saw a video and the final result is very similar so I'm proud lol, fun fact: war3hd model has less bones than the original, and they work differently, I imported some bone animations to the new to make animations look less-buggy also I Improved them to prevent model clipping, the scarab is also new but he uses the same texture of the hero, it was very pain to make him look good, and at the end, I noticed the shadows were bugged, don't know why I was in a 3-day investigation and it seems to be normals, maybe I accidentally screwed them lol, anyway If I would not be able to find the solution I'll re-convert him from 0 Hope U enjoy, pd: I added a version of scarab with the classic portrait I re-wrapped the caparace, not a big deal, but maybe someone will like it.

If someone has an idea how to fix the normals of the model to make shadows looks ok, I will be grateful, have done a huge search but can't find the solution btw my English knowledge is not high so I guess thats a problem hehe

Texture path are:

model by blizzard thanks to taylormouse for the m3 plugins! he's the papu

SC2 War3HD Cryptlord and Scarab (Model)

Portrait (Model)

Scarab (Model)

Scarab Classic Portrait (Model)