SC2 War3HD Paladin

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Hi!!, Finally, after many attempts to convert this model I bring it to you :D , you gotta say: *sigh* is just the simplest model from all Sc2 hd assets, but for me it was a rly hard journey, I originally ripped him a few years ago, but I didn't liked the final product so I left him, I tried different methods to preserve him with the sc2 animations that are a bit smoother and different and fixing the model clipping and bones issues, and here you go!, credits to blizzard and taylormouse for the tools hope you enjoy.

Texture path is: Textures\War3HD_heropaladin.blp

model by blizzard, thanks to taylormouse for plugins

3-29-2022 : Welded most of the middle Vertices, Fixed Normals, Merged Portrait

SC2 War3HD Paladin (Model)

PaladinB (Texture)

PaladinC (Texture)