SC2 War3HD Death Knight

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Death Knight Extracted and Improved from SC2 Warcraft 3 HD assets, I made some improvements that I considered Necessary, also I replaced the original eyelids
Death Knight completely Re-extracted and reworked, I made a lot of improvements to make him look good, I tried so many methods so the belly and belt don't get damaged, I think he is quite looking cool, I also made a lot of changes to animations to prevent the model clipping(they still exist, but are less noticeable), I want to bring quality rips, I also added an alternative model with an "Arthas" look, he's a bit weird, Also modified a bit his portrait and fixed the lips bug, if is necessary I will rework the portrait, but from my pov he is cool, you can use original arthas portrait for the other model, I think mine is not at the level :p, hope u enjoy, comment if you got any recommendation for me

model by blizzard, thanks taylormouse for plugins!!

War3HDHeroDeathknight (Model)

War3HDHeroDeathknight_portrait (Model)

War3HDevilArthas (Model)

War3HDevilArthas_portrait (Model)