SC2 War3HD Skeleton Warrior

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Hi!, I bring to you maybe one of the most hard models to rip (for me) from Starcraft 2 HD W3 assets heheh, after some days of hard work, I managed to export him with no errors and all animations working, I admit the death animation got me, so I left it and used his w3 classic bones to animate the mesh, More things coming baby!

Texture path:

It was a hard job hehe, hope you like it, credits to blizzard and taylormouse for the plugin

I Made 2 versions of the portrait, one of them have glow on his eyes just like the classic

EDIT: sanitized!
12/1/2021: Fixed normals, Merged some vertices, shadows now look fine.

SC2 Skeleton Warrior (Model)

Glow Eyes Portrait (Model)

Portrait (Model)

Level 3
Dec 19, 2021
Everything was working except the glowing eye portrait, I had to use the non-glowing version, am I doing something wrong?