[Campaign] Rise of the Horde

Level 25
Sep 28, 2004
I don't think a poll makes much sense. Why would anyone say no? There is no harm in releasing models if your own project cannot use them for the foreseeable future.
Doesn't matter if they are old or not, people have their own projects and there's always use for more assets. Hiveworkshop lives on that.
Level 20
Dec 4, 2007
Looks impressive. And like a mammoth project... which sadly rarely reach their release state.

And i second HerrDave's post.
Level 10
Jun 27, 2010
Release please. <3

You should focus on what is going on irl, it is more important than Warcraft.

As for the models, I think you should release the footsoldiers/grunts of the nations and clans in RotH, rather than the more unique models such as heroes unless you have run out of drive to make RotH.

(Which would suck a royal knob)

You know what would suck a royal knob? These amazing models staying private. You should know; you have some amazing models. Imagine if you had never released them... D:
Level 12
Nov 29, 2010
So... I have something for you guys. Im gonna hand it over to Kam ìn a while for his model thread. Today, Im giving away most of our resources as I feel that Warcraft 3 is something of the past for me. I know that even if I tried, I wouldn't be having the same amount of fun I did a year ago as I would now because, well, people grow up right? Anyways about the pack: These are most of the resources our team has gathered and made. This pack consists of models and skins mined from the Hive, XGM, and WC3C and edited by our team to fit the respective roles we wish that the models would fulfill. I haven't touched these models and Warcraft 3 in nearly a year so I only thought that the time was right that I send something back to the Hive. It wasn't fair that after all the support given to us that we wouldn't be able to give something back in return. I hope this pack will suffice. Thank you for all your support and thanks to our wonderful and awesome staff members. Please close the thread.
Level 3
Jun 29, 2011
Yes dell, it is ,but you can download the resources of the campaign, hardtime had the generosity to release them for us, I downloaded them although I don't remember form where xD

I might check my files later if you want them.