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Resistance Against the Cake Crusade Resistance Against the Cake Crusade Frontpage

Discussion in 'Legacy Social Groups' started by WhiteFang, Jul 21, 2014.

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  1. WhiteFang


    Jul 6, 2014
    Welcome to the Resistance Against the Cake Crusade. (Random/Roleplay group)

    Well it was a long story how this group was created.... Nah I'm just spreading lies. I made this because the legend known as CM (Do not say the full name in vain), the former Mythic, lead a cake crusade against all who did not follow. SCN, Heinvers, and Chobibo then formed a triple alliance to resist. Soon after, a shining light, Devin appeared out of the darkness to purge the evil. The resistance grew with new faces enough to the point where we were not just resisting, there was war. Months later, the Cake Crusade was defeated but the stains of the war still remain as power continue to shift;

    • AditTechno
    • Alxen345
    • Arad MNK
    • Archimmonde
    • AYF
    • BandolXD
    • Chaosy
    • Chen
    • Da Beast
    • Daffa the Mage
    • Dark-Zalor
    • Darko_Darkking
    • DEAD FiSH
    • Devin
    • Directive255
    • Dreadwing
    • Edge45
    • Eldin HawkWing
    • ExpiE_GreedZ
    • Fang
    • FireTiger
    • florinRORO
    • Hayate
    • HerrDave
    • hiphop4eva
    • Idaero Ace
    • JCarrill0
    • kakuzu
    • KeepitMovinBaby
    • knight820
    • Korialstrasz
    • LegendzKing
    • Leo Akastenix
    • Malhorne
    • Minder
    • Mr.Sargy
    • Mythic
    • nikitaw99
    • nuox
    • Paliouras
    • Razosh
    • Rex.
    • salihmezzi
    • Sclammerz
    • Silva
    • Spame
    • StarGreen
    • StoPCampinGn00b
    • Sunreaver
    • SuperJakiro
    • Sylvie
    • Tash
    • ThePaper
    • The_Legion
    • usd99
    • userid907
    • Vampiral
    • WhiteFang
    • Windrunner29
    • wrath bringer
    • xYours Trulyx
    • Zed
    • Zordrak
    • [E]clipse
    • ~Nightmare

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