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Requesting Lightning Texture

Level 33
Apr 24, 2012
Can somebody create a lightning texture for me? I mean a lightning texture that can overwrite some of the default texture.

I want some two textures,which are both very easy to make(yep,very easy,don't laugh at me even I can't do it).

So I need a straight line of lightning,like a laser pointer. Make it thin, as thin that it will fit as a Target Pointer.

I would like to suggest a Neon Blue and Scarlet or something reddish that is like a neon color for the lightnings.

Please don't add any animations. And also I don't want the lightning to be something like a Spring,which what the default lightning texture does(where the lightning becomes wider when it is farther or closer.)

If you know LoL,something like those of the Turrets.