Requesting Boss Spell

Level 37
Aug 14, 2006

First of all, I accidentally put this to a wrong section so kind moderator, please put this to the right place. Thank you.

Now to the request...

I'm doing a large project and I need help a little. At the moment I'm doing chapter 7 of The Chosen Ones campaign. The campaign focuses on boss fights and I try to do them well. Sometimes so well that I don't know how to do such a special things(like in this case).

I have a lightning elemental boss that needs one spell that I cannot do myself. The boss starts to cast a spell, after few seconds, little lightning circles starts to appear that becomes bigger and bigger until they reaches the edge of the battle field and disappears.

There's however a twist in this spell. There is a small part of the lightning circle that is different colored and doesn't do any damage. Player should bring his units to this part so that they won't take any damage.

I have drawn to make things more simple, here we go:

RED = Dangerous lightning, this makes damage
BLUE = Not dangerous lightning, doesn't do any damage
GREEN = The boss in the middle of battle ground


There should be one to three lightning circles same time. More circles, more pressure. However they should move pretty slowly so that player can actually evade them. Player have minimum of three units in the fight. The event starts of course with one lightning and the lightnings comes from the middle. After X waves the special spell ends. The "save part"(blue lightning) should be randomly generated.

I have also attached a picture and a map to show you how large is the battle field and when to make the lightnings disappear.

The spell should be GUI or JASS and should be easy me to handle. It cannot be vJASS because this is a campaign.

I'll give credits and rep for making me this boss spell. Ask if you have questions.