[Spell Request] Lightning Cannon

Level 12
Apr 26, 2008
Hey i wanted to request a spell,

Lightning Cannon GUI / MUI

The user shoots out a ball of lightning to a target location and when the ball hits the ground or arrives at the target location it explodes dealing (INT X 9.00) + (Level of (casting unit) X 5.00) damage in a AOE of 400. When the lightningball explodes it should be like a lightning explosion like a lot of electricity in the area around the explosion and also it should have a chance of 30% to slow the target for 6 seconds (Attack Speed : -40 % , Movement Speed: -40%).

Thanks in advice, NightBrowler.
Level 3
Oct 2, 2009
Made some minor changes.

Note your dummy unit needs to have cast backs and casting point set to 0. If that still doesn't work try setting animation blend to 0 as well.

Damage is done only to enemies of your hero. Meaning you can't just put blue units and it'll work, you need to put blue units and set it to computer in the player options so that it'll be registered as an enemy.
I added in neutral hostile, they can be affected by the spell as well.


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