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  • Ha-ha, got it :D I just didn't know, how his name should be written in English. Hovewer, looks like your Nitcshe is written in German. :)
    Hmm ill import the spells tomorrow, but could you try to do something?
    try to make the Ice Star disappear once the casting unit leaves it. Is that possible?
    i love the spells. they are just how i need. YOU PWN!! but how do i change the auras? just change and give it to the totem dummy? also, the ice star... Its set to last some seconds

    Is there a way to make the star disappear once there are no units on it?

    thats not needed, but i think it would be better for balancing. If you can do that, tell me.
    If you cant, the spell is still perfect as it is =)

    The terrain u used for the star is diff from the one my map has, so its fine. Ill test it out on my map to see how it looks. The terrain is same as the map Ice Flow one.
    You think it would be easy to identify the star on the terrain?
    Ok i took a look at the spells and....

    OK, the ice spell sucks with that model. I thought it would look cool but could you show me how it would be if it changed terrain? Idk if it would be good cuz... the whole map's terrain is snow-ice... Also, the damage/sec is being dealt too fast. Maybe make it 2 secs would be better balace.

    The totem spell is urm... Its pretty nice. For the auras, all i have to do is create a new aura and give it to the dummy (if i want a diff one)? Also, i noticed that you said that the spell isnt dealing damage some times...

    Thats weird... you know if u can fix it?

    Also, why is there an effect of 'healing' when the units are hit?

    Besides that, I love the spells. =) you pwn

    P.S.: Could you help me do the chance to multishot one?
    So could you finish the ice star spell? I really want to see how its goin
    Im taking a look at the totem one now. I hope its good =)
    how are my spells goin? Long time since you talked to me for the last time

    I hope the totem and the ice star spells are goin well.
    Awsome. Btw, i asked Aspard (or Asgard, forgot is name) to make the lightning spell, so dont worry about it.

    What u mean changed the model? Model of wat? And wat terrain?
    i dont need different durations, the only thing to be changed on levels are mana cost and cooldown. the totems hmm they could last 10 seconds or something. Is the damage happening to a unit that enters the area after the spell has been cast? or only to who is in the area when the spell was cast? also, the auras.. i was thinking on negative auras, but now that ive seen those i thought about the balance matters.. if it was negative it would be too op dmg to the enemies. those are nice =)
    btw, take a look at my post in Spell Request [GUI] thread
    Ok so..
    Wind: 5% slow movespeed
    Water: 5% slow attackspeed
    Earth: 5 dmg/sec
    Fire: 5 mana drain/sec (possible? if not, -10 damage)
    Storm: -5 armor

    wat was the bug? hope its fixable
    omg wow! if u could do that it would be great.. but would get kindof op. lemme think of balance.

    Correct me if im wrong but there are:
    thanks i really appreciate that and yes i am really busy with the resurrected thread i will do your spell
    when i got a bit of free time
    Well, im not completly off, just being inactive ;). Anyways, well 1 level. Everytime the hero takes spell damage (from target spells, aoe, anything that is dealing SPELL damage to him). He reflects 10 % of the damage back to the source.
    A new version of my map is out so I would really appreciate some new feedback! i'm a bit stuck for hero ideas as well so any ideas for new Masters throw my way xD
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