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Level 7
May 15, 2004
Blame ghenjis for getting me back into terraining. My skill hasn't gone up at all, but here goes - this is the remains of a gigantic creature and numerous dead bodies in a cataclysmic battle aeons ago.

I tried creating a focal point in this piece. I hope it worked. (It's the skull area.)

Also, that poor beast was chained right in the ribcage. That must've hurt.

EDIT: Resizing made it blurry. Non-resized version.


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Level 15
Dec 24, 2007
He's Back!!! I"m not going to blame ghenjis, i'm going to thank him.
it looks nice. i didn't notice anything wrong with it. But the skull area isn't much of a vocal point, the beasts ribcage draws attention away from it.

that would hurt having a chain connected to your ribcage...
Level 7
Aug 10, 2004
[Death];500648 said:
Blame ghenjis for getting me back into terraining.
Damn right.

Hmm, I like the silhouettes of the vultures. It really adds to the feel and ambiance. If you don't think you've gotten better, you will if you keep it up. But if you think you've gotten worse, you're crazy.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Glad to see such a good terrain come back!

I disagree with Void, the ground clutter looks nice. Gives it a dirty feel. The sky, sun, and fog is very well done. Good job!

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