[Picture] Last Stand of the Captain Dear Journal, As I even speak now the undead are breaking thr

Level 10
May 3, 2009
Last Stand of the Captain
Dear Journal,
As I even speak now the undead are breaking through our lines, legions of undead have killed our vanguard and forward postions. Our flanking maneveurs have been wiped out. This undoubtly our fault. We should of stick together. But the captains knew we were done for at the begining. All they are doing now are fighting heroes deaths. All of which are taking a toll as I write in this journal. My Privates, and Corporals have been fighting their hearts out knowing that we will all die. But there is something leading the undead horde. If we could kill it the hordes would stop. But their are dozens of them, its like a synapse creature. All of which are connected to the leader. But there are new undead as well. Beasts of incredible strength taller than the very gates we have in place. My men have doubed this creature as the 'Bone Wailer' It is as large as a Orge, but stronger, and harder to kill. As we inspected its dead corpse we found an inner layer. The Golems we had once used as weapons against the brotherhood are now these Bone Wailers. But Corrupted and twisted.
These leaders we dobed Liches. As they are sometimes seen sucking the life out of Alliance Soldiers. And then making their bodies explode, killing more.
I do not want to think of the things that we may encounter. But This will be my last journal entry. Already some Alliance Soldiers have abandoned this area. and gone into the city. They have been driven mad.
I will die like a hero. But I will take out as many of them with me. Damn those undead. *blood stains are on the piece of paper and the captains armor and his bones are left.*


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