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Reforge Campaign Bugs Archimonde is level1 + No items AND MORE!

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Level 14
Oct 26, 2015
Campaign Bugs: Archimonde is Level 1 in Hyjal + more

On the Final Reign of Chaos Night Elf mission in reforged
Chapter 7 Twilight of the Gods

~Archimonde is LEVEL 1!
Hes supposed to be level 10 and have his abilites! Fix please

~Also In The Final Orc mission By Demons be Driven.
Jaina does not exist in her base.

~In Classic Reign Of Chaos Night Elf LEVEL 2 (daughters of the Moon) Tyrande has no inventory and loses items from previous level on ground.

~In Reign of Chaos Nightelf Ch3 The Awakening of Stormrage. The ICE protector for the Horn has no inventory so his Orb of Frost is laying on the Ground.

In Reforged + Classic
~When Arthas picks up Frostmourn the new hero is a default template meaning any tomes gathered in the entire campaign don’t count.

~In Classic Reign of Chaos. MALFURION USES HIS MOUNTED STAGE MODEL. No just no.

So like +5 strength +50 HP +1Agi lost assuming you had him eat all the tomes.

~also… why is there a murloc tiderunner inside Illidans prison in Brothers in Blood…

~In the Culling and Prologue Ch4 The Fires down below you guys left a little surprise in the bottom right of the maps.

A building and 4 units for testing purposes? Why were these not deleted when the map was finished. What are you doing.

~ I don’t know what you did with all these shadows in Classic but it’s ugly as sin and makes everything foggy and gross.

~ In classic The Crystals on Ziggurats are a disaster and are just Black and ugly.

CE archimonde.png
tyrande inv.png
Mapmaker sloppy.png

Think these pictures sum it up.

The ruined classic graphics so models bug out and stuff looks like shit from these new ugly gross shadows they toss on classic and colors / lighting is off.

Meanwhile reforged is half finished just placing models a not giving them items or levels and on there "reforged" map leaving shit like the bottom image.

I mean the reforged maps are obviously lazy and subpar. Compared to the original design where they would terrain and detail THE ENTIRE MAP. A single look at the ROC version vs the Reforged Version of
~The Culling
~Siege of Dalaran
~Under the Burning Sky
~ Fall of Silvermoon
~Dungeons of Dalaran

It's been an OKAY reforged playthrough. But this isn't the game thats kept me replaying the campaign nearly yearly and custom campaigns repeatedly for almost 20 years.
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