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Rank icon and rep change?

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Level 11
Mar 18, 2009
When I logged in today I noticed that the rank icon has changed (to a pirate version?) and that the rep icon is now using coins. Is it a response to the release of Mists of Pandaria or something else?

I searched the forums for any thread relating to it but I couldn't find anything. And then I made this one instead.
Alright I'm gonna be honest here, I think this looks a bit too rushed and horrible. :p
The curtains in the header image just stand out too much, the ships image looks too stretched, I can't tell what's supposed to be next to the rank icons and the rep icons' colors are way too similar.
I know Ralle did this for a special event, but I don't think it should have been published in its current state. :S Everything looks so rushed. Maybe prepare something better for Halloween? ;P


Level 77
Oct 6, 2004
Thank you.

Well.. I was just hoping to make people happy. Maybe next time we will have better graphics, I don't know.

I am disabling all the Pirate Day stuff for now. After all it is not TLaPD anymore.

I am closing the thread as it sort of served its purpose. Thank you for your input.
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