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Rank icons

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Yeah, i made these icons using gimp and p.net, i'll post the first 6 here, then i'll tell you that they go up to 7, aka, 14 icons <not including disbtn, it goes up to RANK 7 not rank 3.5>

I've been to lazy to make the disbtn's so here are mah jpgs
Here they are!
My question is are they worth of being posted in the icons? Considering that these are my first 100% scratch icons.
Halo 3 multiplayer themed

I personally like them, alot, i just wanted your opinion on how to make them better. BTW, i made the border custom in like 5 mins, i didn't really like the blizzard ones for these because the shading was in different directions for them and it looked strange. Enjoy!
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maybe some stars? (yellow, blue, green, don't know)

and maybe add more yellow (brighten it)
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Dec 10, 2007

^ that's like how they should look, or something like that at least.

At the very least.

Honestly, I wouldn't approve them without complete reworking, they are obviously very simple. First of all, I'd recommend you to redo it from a different perspective, make the top part of the rank sign face the upper left corner, angle it that way. If you're doing that, shade the right part of the symbol and do some highlights on the left part. That ought to give it some metallish reflections. Afterwards, detail the arm of the guy. Add a navy-green coat, silver space marine armor, some camouflage or whatever you feel would look the best in combination with the ranking, I think the navy-green coat would be the best, but cloth material is also the hardest to detail.

The Panda

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Jun 2, 2008
Agree with Zombie, the overall feel towards all these icons are weak. What i mean is that they look either like painted on or there just sitting there. You might wanna make them look like metals or some sort of fabric instead of just having them sit there. I would prefer you too add more details towards these icons as well since they are lacking decoration and such. Also, the color scheme on the icons is plain and boring i suggest making a better color variation on all the icons as they just look not so like rank icons at the moment.
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